Neil deGrasse Tyson Passes On Urban Legend as Truth

I’m not surprised.  Given that Tyson has a track record of making up facts, why not also go ahead and try to pass off legends as truth?

One thing is starting to become clear – while Tyson has made himself rich and famous by talking about science, he doesn’t know how to think like a scientist.

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One Response to Neil deGrasse Tyson Passes On Urban Legend as Truth

  1. Dhay says:

    Not quite in the same league as Tyson’s mis-pronouncements, and fluid mechanics is presumably outside of Jerry Coyne’s field of expertise:

    Professor Ceiling Cat is the Final Arbiter of All Things, and, like a bicycle tire, hisses when overpressured.

    “Overpressure” is usually used as a technical term in relation to blast waves from explosions, but it’s clear enough what Jerry means, so let that pass. What is peculiar is the hiss. What is Coyne referring to?

    Some strongly-patterned, and particularly most knobbly tires will make a “hiss” as they go along the road; but this effect has nothing to do with tyre pressure, and can be ruled out.

    If Coyne is using “overpressured” as a verb, he might be referring to the noise made when pumping up the tyre; but apart from the briefest “psst” of leakage as the connector is locked on, ditto when disconnected, any good pump and valve will be designed for unrestricted air passage and hence will be hiss-free.

    If Coyne is using “overpressured” as a pronoun, he must be referring to a highly pumped-up tyre; but the tube is sealed, and the valve seat sits all the more tightly when the pressure is higher; the tyre will surely only hiss if leaking at a defective valve, or when punctured and deflating, neither of which is depicted by Coyne.

    Has anyone got other suggestions that could make sense of Coyne’s strangely hissing bicycle tyre, or is he spouting pseudo-science?

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