Tyson’s Response on Facebook

While we are waiting on Tyson to pick just the right place and time for his apology, consider how he was posturing just a few days before:

I have explicit memory of those words being spoken by the President. I reacted on the spot, making note for possible later reference in my public discourse. Odd that nobody seems to be able to find the quote anywhere — surely every word publicly uttered by a President gets logged.

FYI: There are two kinds of failures of memory. One is remembering that which has never happened and the other is forgetting that which did. In my case, from life experience, I’m vastly more likely to forget an incident than to remember an incident that never happened. So I assure you, the quote is there somewhere. When you find it, tell me. Then I can offer it to others who have taken as much time as you to explore these things.

One of our mantras in science is that the absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

And thus spoketh Mr. Science. I like how he uses The Power of Reason to conclude “the quote is there somewhere” and then instructs Davis to bring it to him after Davis is supposed to find it. Such arrogance. Such certainty. Such ignorant arrogance.

If you read the whole thing thing, it becomes quite clear that the famous Atheist Scientist does not care about the data. It doesn’t really matter if it exists. He cares only about furthering the narrative. The end justifies the means.

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3 Responses to Tyson’s Response on Facebook

  1. Jakeithus says:

    As someone who doubts the dominant narrative surrounding undirected abiogenesis being responsible for the initial appearance of life on earth, I’m not surprised by this response at all. 60+ years of searching might not have been able to show anything, but don’t you dare doubt the narrative at all. The truth is out there, they assure us of such things.

  2. Ilíon says:

    Back in the early days of Clinton’s first term, during the fighting over “Hillarycare”, I saw him on TV talking about how “proud” he was of Hillary, because she’s so “strong”. As an illustration, he said something like, “… when she was in the hospital giving birth to her daughter … ” … and I became convinced at that moment that *he* is not Chelsea’s biological father.

    However, I can’t find any recording of Clinton having said that or any thing like it. So I don’t go around saying that Clinton isn’t Chelsea’s father (and it’s not something I care much about, anyway); and I don’t go around demanding that others find the recorded evidence to back up my memory. Still, I know what I saw him [Clinton] say — or, to put it more neutrally, I know what I remember Clinton saying.

    Tyson is saying the same thing: “Still, I know what I saw him [Bush] say“, rather than “I know what I remember Bush saying”. But, in his case, he *is* demanding that others find the recorded evidence to back up his memory — as though someone else’s failure to find the evidence has says is there proves that *he* is right. *AND* there is the fact that we’ve seen the recorded evidence that lends strong credence to the conclusion that his memory of what he saw/heard Bush say is totally false.

    So, yeah, double-down, Tyson!

  3. Vy says:

    One of our mantras in science is that the absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence.

    And the Atheists start fuming whenever you use that in relation to God.

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