The Two Sides of Jerry Coyne’s Mouth

Jerry Coyne selling his book on Amazon:

Coyne is responding to a national climate in which over half of Americans don’t believe in evolution (and congressmen deny global warming), and warns that religious prejudices and strictures in politics, education, medicine, and social policy are on the rise.

Jerry Coyne writing on his blog:

Professor Ceiling Cat long ago predicted that America was becoming more secular, and eventually, long after we’re worm food, I believe that the U.S. will be as godless as France or Scandinavia.

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3 Responses to The Two Sides of Jerry Coyne’s Mouth

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s not a contradiction at all. Quite simple, really. See, he uses the idea that America IS becoming more secular in an inevitable sense. And while currently, according to him, the United States is experiencing a rise of religious influence in all walks of life, perhaps he believes that this trend he and he alone sees will be reversed toward a secular, atheistic paradise due to all Americans basking in the incredible wisdom he emits within his book, which he sells under the false pretense of combating a nonexistent rising tide of religious influence in all walks of life. In other words, by creating a crisis and combating it, he will become yet another book-selling atheist with nothing meaningful to say, but he will make lots of money from gullible Gnus.

  2. Dhay says:

    I see the first as propaganda, and the second as …

    … also propaganda. Stick and carrot for his audience of New Atheist faithful.

  3. stcordova says:


    Fwiw, I think America is becoming polarized, the middle is dropping out.

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