Jerry Coyne Embraces Creationist “Research”

Jerry Coyne recently jumped the shark with his blog post entitled, “Science proves that consecrated wafers are still wheat and not Jesus.” I’ll be charitable and overlook the fact that a scientist thinks “science proved” something and instead focus on what is laughably ironic – Jerry Coyne, evolutionary biologist, actually promoted a website entitled, “” LOL!

Let’s be clear. Evolutionary biologist and atheist activist Jerry Coyne used his popular blog to drive traffic to a website entitled This only happens to be the website of the antievolution Raëlian Movement. Apparently, because these particular creationists share Coyne’s atheism/anti-theism, Coyne begins by offering up some very mild criticism:

I don’t know much about the Raëlian Movement, but what I’ve learned suggests that Raelians are plenty weird. Their faith is based on Earth’s life having been created by space aliens, so they’re creationists, and they have all kinds of strange views, including a form of baptism that alters your genetic makeup but prepares you for your eventual judgment by the aliens. They’re a small sect, cult, or religion (whatever you want to call them): Wikipedia estimates that there are only about 90,000 members worldwide.

He then proceeds to defend and speak warmly of the atheist religion:

On the other hand, the sect has some good liberal views: they are pro-gay, in favor of food derived from GMOs, and anti-Catholic.

So why is Jerry Coyne promoting and defending this atheistic, antievolutionary religious cult?

Because Coyne wants to share their “scientific” discovery that “consecrated wafers are still wheat and not Jesus.”
Coyne anticipates he might be criticized for his friendly treatment of Raëlian “research” and tries to make it look like he is standing on principle:

Yes, a Raëlian group did some research, and I’m not going to dismiss it out of hand simply because of who did it (if that were the case, I’d dismiss the Human Genome Project simply because it was headed by born-again Christian Francis Collins). As always, we must evaluate the data on their own.

Coyne then uses the “research” to taunt Catholics:

Since the Catholics claim that transubstantiation is real, how would they deal with findings like this?

Okay, I am not Catholic and I do not buy into the transubstantiation thing. In fact, the results the Raëlian researchers obtained are exactly what I would expect. Yet there is an easy way for Catholics to “deal with findings like this.” Put simply, the research can be dismissed because it is a classic example of cargo cult science.   I’ll show this in the next posting.

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8 Responses to Jerry Coyne Embraces Creationist “Research”

  1. Heuristics says:

    Transubstantiation predicts this kind of evidence. It says that all accidental properties would remain the same (it would still resemble wine+bread in any way you examine it)

  2. Selenium7 says:

    He should spend his time researching Eucharistic miracles. . . Not that I really trust him with the science but there are plenty.

  3. Coyne is a fool who, as always, knows absolutely nothing about the subject he is trying to talk about if he thinks measuring or observing the physical properties of bread and wine has anything at all to do with transubstantiation.

    This error is so huge it renders the whole study a non-entity because it’s based on a totally false premise.

  4. Also,

    In fact, the results the Raëlian researchers obtained are exactly what I would expect.

    I am Catholic, and I agree with you.

  5. Bilbo says:

    I find it interesting that because the Raelians believe that life on Earth was created by space aliens, Jerry calls them “creationists.” So if we discovered actual empirical data that life on Earth had been created by space aliens, would it be illegal to teach it in public school science classes?

  6. Dhay says:

    Here’s a nice mickey-take, combined with intelligent comment:

    So far as I can see, the wafer DNA analysis is the only original research published on the Raelian atheistcreationist website. Everything else, such the links in their “Latest News” panel, or in their “Top science discoveries in line with the Raelian philosophy” page, links to popular articles — the popular ScienceDaily science news website looms large — on papers published elsewhere.

    The Raelian atheistcreationist website is in no way itself a genuine scientific journal.

  7. Rhaeyga says:

    “Transubstantiation predicts this kind of evidence. It says that all accidental properties would remain the same”

    How convenient.

  8. Dhay says:

    How inconvenient for Jerry Coyne.

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