Paranoid Dawk

Tweety Dawk had a scare:

He then tweets about this 3-4 more times.

There is nothing more funny that a Gnu Atheist running around like Chicken Little trying to warn us all, “The Theocracy is Coming!” After all, according to the Gnu sense of history, we have already lived through 3 theocracies: The Reagan Theocracy, the Bush I Theocracy, and the Bush II Theocracy. Why are New Atheists so paranoid? Is this another symptom of being infected with the Gnu virus?

Anyway, here’s what a USA Today reviewer thought of the “nightmare novel”:

Unfortunately, I was reminded of another political novel, Glenn Beck’s 2010 thriller, The Overton Window. It’s about a liberal federal government that suspends individual rights – including gun ownership – in the name of security and a new world order.

Beck’s and Rich’s politics couldn’t be further apart. But as novelists, both are driven by their political agendas, which overwhelm their storytelling and characters. And you’ve got to believe in the characters to believe, as Rich suggests, that a Christian Nation could happen here.

And according to National Review, the book is

a story with all the subtlety of a Slipknot video and artfulness of a Chick tract…..Rich’s novel is essentially what Atlas Shrugged would have been if it had been conceived by a Freedom from Religion Foundation focus group and edited by Howard Dean.

The basic gist of the story is thus: John McCain wins the 2008 election and then promptly dies from a brain aneurysm. Then Sarah Palin becomes president (the Sarah Palin character in this book puts Tina Fey to shame, by the way) and, in cahoots with those scary homeschool leaders and Evangelicals, sets America on the track to becoming a brutal theocracy where homosexuality, adultery, masturbation, and a bunch of other things are banned. The book’s protagonist, Greg; his best friend Sanjay (a gay man from India who is the new gold standard for one-dimensional characters); and Mike Bloomberg (now the governor of New York) try to stop them before it’s too late. Suspense!

There is one useful aspect of this silly book – when New Atheists like Dawkins publicly express and admit such stories frighten them, we can observe just how deeply enslaved their minds are to the nasty stereotypes they preach.

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One Response to Paranoid Dawk

  1. J.P. says:

    Paranoid indeed.

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