Jerry Coyne’s Blog Attacks PZ Myers

It looks like Jerry Coyne is trying to pick a fight with PZ Myers.

A couple of weeks ago, Coyne was having something of a tantrum because most of his readers did not care about his once-in-awhile science postings:

The lack of comments on science posts, leads me to wonder if people even read them, or read them but have nothing to say, or just skip them as seeming “too hard”…If it’s the latter, what’s the point of writing about science? But if I couldn’t do that, I wouldn’t want to run this website. I could turn it into the Daily Mail of atheist sites, but there’s already an entire blog network devoted to drama, rage, and recrimination.

When Coyne writes, “there’s already an entire blog network devoted to drama, rage, and recrimination,” it’s highly likely that the blog network he is mocking is PZ Myer’s Freethought Blogs network. Someone told Myers about Coyne’s little swipe and Myers wrote the following comment on his own blog:

I’ve read the comments on Coyne’s blog. He really doesn’t have to work at drama, rage, and recrimination — his commenters do a fine job of that already, with his tacit permission.

Coyne then decided to escalate it by taking PZ’s comment and turning it into a blog posting entitled, A note to my readers from Pharyngula. Coyne files this blog entry under “lunacy.”

Ironically, Coyne turns Myers into a prophet, as Coyne’s sycophants respond to the prodding by unleashing a fury of attacks and ridicule on PZ Myers, the ex-king of internet atheists.

Below the fold, you can read a sample of commentary about PZ Myers, accusing him of all sorts of nasty things. Keep in mind these accusations are not housed on some religious fundamentalist blog or website. These criticisms stem from one of the most popular atheist blogs.

Jerry Coyne’s Blog Describes PZ Myers:

the Rush Limbaugh of atheism.

PZ now mostly writes about things he can’t (and won’t) think critically about

Is PZ becoming another Deepcrap Chokya?

If Pharyngula were a restaurant, you’d find the following statement on the menu: Good food takes time to prepare. Yours will be ready in a minute.

PZ who? Oh — that archetypal caricature of a social justice warrior who started that whole A+ joke? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that he’s still blearghing. But does anybody but his Horde still read him? I mean, aside from those who get their kicks by watching train wrecks in progress….

Does anyone know why PZ has remained at the Associate Professor level for quite some time? Non-promotion to Professor is usually a sign of under-performance in either teaching or research.

I rarely visit Pharyngula (and a lot of FTB) anymore because I feel like I need to take a shower or two after reading.

PZ is a drama queen.

PZ Myers: the best argument against atheism.

Well, at least the best argument against being an arrogant, gracelessly rancorous know-it-all atheist; that is not the best way to positively influence the thinking of intellectual foes OR friends.

The thing I wonder about PZ is whether he is just now showing his true colors or did he gradually transform into the nasty guy he is now.

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One Response to Jerry Coyne’s Blog Attacks PZ Myers

  1. TFBW says:

    Jerry Coyne and PZ Myers: New Atheists divided by a common lack of belief.

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