Poetic Justice: Myers vs. Coyne

For those of you who don’t know PZ Myers, he is another Gnu activist who has a long history of attacking religious people. A standard attack would involve Myers posting a short blog entry that served as red meat for his followers. Then, PZ would stand back and watch 100s of comments appear, maliciously attacking the religious target of the day.

Well, as we have seen, Gnu activist Jerry Coyne has just played that very card against PZ. Over at Coyne’s atheist blog, 100s of comments have poured in to confirm many of the criticisms religious folk have had about PZ for all these years. Feast your eyes on atheist after atheist giving us their opinion of Myers.

The rest of this blog entry is nothing more than actual quotes from Jerry Coyne’s blog:


As someone who first knew of PZ Myers through ye olde Usenet and Talk.Origins and was an early reader of his Phrayngula.org blog, I now think he’s basically a crank. Sure, he can be the mild-mannered professor in person and I’ve met him a few times over the years and will vouch for that. But his internet persona is verbally abusive and just plain mean towards anyone he loses patience with. Myers’ example also is aped by most of his followers, as anyone who has ever read his comments section there well knows. I’m not a religious person myself, but I sure don’t think Myers is doing me any favors with his antics as he acts out being the angry atheist.

I, too, got tired of PZ’s ‘pungent’ prose long ago. I can’t imagine wading through the comments on his unmoderated posts.

Is Pharyngula still a thing? I deleted my bookmark over a year ago, when it devolved into a mosh pit of internecine warfare.

I gave up on Pharyngula years ago out of boredom with the posts, and disgust with the comments; too many teenage boys being arseholes, and not enough thoughtful discussion.

I find it difficult to believe that he isn’t trolling because he has shown a rare talent for starkly misconstruing unambiguous writing and “doubling down” with invective when the complaint comes.
Myers is no longer involved in active research within his field and seems to spend more time reading Twitter than the relevant journals he seems to be falling behind the times.

I left FTB years ago because of the tone of both the articles and comments. It was, nonetheless, an interesting introduction for me to the authoritarian left.

I have met PZ …..he had obviously started to believe his own publicity, and stared at me as they though I’d crawled out from under a rock. I would not bother to greet him again.

Pharyngula used to be one of my favorite blogs back in the day, then it started to fester and the comment section became a place to shout down discussion and dogpile on people under heaps of angry invective, all encouraged by PZ, rather than a place for reasoned discourse.

Who is PZ Meyers?

I used to regularly peruse the Pharyngula website (2010-2011). As time went on I realized P Zed has a giant squid size ego to him. They really don’t take kindly to anyone who disagrees with the party line over there at Pharyngula.

Been there, got the banning. Not for being uncivil or saying bad things, either. PZ went into a rage and accused me of things he imagined. His rage vision stuffed me into a massive straw man, and he was really angry at the straw man, so he banned it, then swore at it and stomped on it some more, just to prove how right he was. If he swears enough he has to be right, right? Clear thinking just didn’t enter into it.I’d already stopped being a regular reader before that, but the rage banning really drove home that PZ’s outrage often outstrips his critical thinking, which made me rethink my earlier support of some of his positions.

I think PZ’s problem is that he spent the first 50 years of his life in complete obscurity, then accidentally rocketed to fame beyond his wildest imaginings when an unassuming little blog about biology, which he wrote for his students, unexpectedly took off. His personality is not an outgoing one, and he was completely unprepared for all the attention. The result is the unbalanced lunacy that nowadays emanates from Pharyngula. It’s quite sad.

I think it’s a shame what’s happened to Pharyngula. It used to be a good read. PZ has turned into a caricature of his former self.

I gave up on Pharyngula a couple of years ago as well. Too many rants, not enough clear thinking.
WTH is PZ’s problem? Maybe he’s just jealous

Unfrickkinbelievable! PZ runs the most toxic “science” blog on the whole Interwebs. Is he joking? (Of course not, he is a humorless scold). I’ve given up on him long ago.

Myers routinely gives direction to the hoard, whether it is for poll crashing or who to dogpile on in the comments, when PZ Himself wades into the muck of his comment section to fling around invective laced tirades against commenters.

PZ, as the outraged OUTRAGED boy who cried wolf and then people got tired of the rant.

Freethought Blogs, and PZ’s site in particular, have degenerated into vituperative and often obscene outbursts against anyone who fails to toe the SJW line.

It’s disagreeing with the Horde-approved consensus that will get you banned. That hypothesis has already been put to the test many times.

he has completely gone off the rails since June 2011. What the heck happened? I don’t think I’ve ever had my impression of someone drop so drastically, and I now find his behaviour to be completely unhinged and loathesome. I am very careful to avoid giving him (or anyone else at FTB) any income from clicks.

I think that selective pressure of constant use of ban-hammer by PZ created the low quality environment which was one nice place.

Just recently, after many months of break, I came to check his blog and started reading some comments randomly. I have noticed that he bans frequently commentators who provide sane rebuttals. One of them provided arguments and PZ banned him calling him a racist and bigot. That was just completely insanely sad to witness, how PZ, once brilliant, became incapable of parsing and understanding one rebutting sentence (which was entirely OK) without uttering invectives and brutally removing person from conversation.

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2 Responses to Poetic Justice: Myers vs. Coyne

  1. James says:

    Like Dawkins, the Gnu virus has finally overtaken Myers and it has gotten so bad that even the Gnu community that once proudly cherished him has declared that he is terminal.

  2. stcordova says:

    My irony meter blew when one of PZ’s boys responded to Coyne:

    “We are saddened to see a once great science blog, like Coyne’s, go all to sh-t on account of rabid unchecked faux-outrage and manufactured drama. As the blog owner, Coyne owes a duty of care to the rest of society, and would be doing himself a good turn, to keep his commenters in line and get his blog back to producing relevant high quality science content.”

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