I Need Evidence

Here’s something I originally posted in March 2012.

Richard Dawkins website has a page where they post hate mail that supposedly comes from angry Christians. Yet despite the way the Gnus posture as if they place such high value on evidence, the page offers not the slightest shred of evidence that any of the hate mail is legitimate. And despite the way the Gnus condemn faith, they apparently want us to believe these emails are legitimate on faith.

So let me propose a hypothesis: The vast majority of hate mail that is hosted on Dawkins website is fake. Let me explain why my hypothesis is quite plausible.

Let’s take the first letter that is hosted on Dawkins site:


Okay, don’t you think it is plausible that this was sent to Dawkins site by another atheist who was trolling? Such deception would serve two purposes. It would feed the negative stereotypes about Christians that often serves as a way for Gnus to bond with each other. And it would also help to deceptively propagate those negative stereotypes that the Gnu movement seeks to advance. Of course, we could also add the simple fact that trolls like attention and getting your fake hatemail cited on Dawkins popular webpage is probably rewarding in of itself.

Also, I would note that after many years on the internet, I have yet to encounter or read a creationist who was so over-the-top stupid. It’s not just that all the words are capitalized, it’s not just the anti-gay sentiment, it’s not just the complete lack of logic and knowledge, it’s the misspelling of evolution that gives it away.

Consider what the Gnus want you to believe. There is a creationist out there who is so stupid that he spells evolution as EVELOOTON. Yet this same person is savvy enough to find Richard Dawkins site in order to send hate mail (it’s not THAT popular, people) just to him. Okay, so if there is a creationist motivated enough to send hate mail to Dawkins, it stands to reason this same angry creationist would be haunting many other sites on the internet. Angry people who send hate mail tend to vent all over the place. And my goodness people, this creationist has a tic – a highly unique way of spelling evolution. So it should be easy to find this angry creationist railing against “evelooton” on other sites with the simple help of Google.

So what happens if we Google “evelooton?” You’ll get a total of 5 hits. One of them goes to Overview Guide – UniWiki for some unknown reason, as the word does not appear on the site. As for the other four? They ALL are citations of Dawkins site.

So what we have here is a one time misspelling of the word evolution as EVELOOTON. Apparently, this angry, dumb creationist doesn’t want to attack other EVELOOTONists on the internet. He’s wants to lash out at EVELOOTON.

One time.

And just for Dawkins site.

Yeah, right.

Look, I can’t say with certainty that the hate-mail is troll-mail, but that explanation is every bit as plausible as it being legit.

The bottom line is that there is no evidence for thinking Dawkins collection of hate mail on his site is legitimate. Given that it would be very easy for Gnu trolls to pose as hateful, stupid Christians, given that they would see nothing wrong in deceptively posing as hateful, stupid Christians, and given that they would have the motive for posing as hateful, stupid Christians, the wisest course is to dismiss all of the hate mails as internet theater unless Dawkins and his site can provided evidence of their legitimacy.

And they won’t.

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5 Responses to I Need Evidence

  1. Mike S says:

    The email you cite is so obviously a troll. If the guy (girl?) is spelling in some phonetic manner, why the “TON” at the end? Why not “SHEN” or “SHUN”? Does anybody actually pronounce the word “e-vo-lu-ton”? Of course not. I notice too that they had no problem spelling “BECAUSE” properly, and “MONKEYS” too. And what, not “STOOPID”?

  2. Michael says:

    Yes, it is painfully obvious. Yet watch how the gullible Gnus lap it up: https://www.facebook.com/RichardDawkinsFoundation/posts/331527873530163

  3. Andrew says:

    I suspect the reference to the UniWiki overview guide for evelooton makes more sense if parsed as “eve loot on”. “Eve” is a sci-fi MMORPG involving spaceships. The “overview” is a configurable display for what appears highlighted in the display, hence references to whether to show “loot”, and possibly “loot on”.

  4. Dhay says:


    Firstly, the numbers:

    There are two sub-pages on that “letters, ugly” page, containing a total of 40 mails listed in reverse chronological order and dated from 04 May 2010 to 20 August 2012, some 26 months (after which there’s a replacement RDF website.) That works out at just one-and-a-half mails per month.

    Except it doesn’t: 26 of them are dated 04 May 2010, so have obviously been saved up over some unspecified period and posted in a batch; then there’s nothing until 12 January 2011; that’s one mail in eight months – or more, for who says any of the were actually received on or near 04 May 2010; at that slow rate, it looks like those 26 represent every single one of the “letters, ugly” the RDF had previously received.

    There’s another thirteen of them in the nineteen months from 12 January 2011 to 20 August 2012; that works out at just one “ugly”mail for each one-and-a-half months. Not exactly flooding in, were they.

    Secondly, troll-detection methods:

    I have seen plenty of instances of graffiti and vandalism: one does not think first that the perpetrators must obviously be Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish or Atheist; that’s almost as irrelevant as you can get – they are primarily just yobbos, and are primarily acting to make a public splash and to cause offence; the purpose of outrageous behaviour is the resulting outrage.

    Those same yobbos, plus any yobbos who are too lazy or afraid of arrest to engage in actual graffiti and vandalism, have at their fingertips an easy an safe alternative outlet for outrageous behaviour – they can become the internet-enabled version of the yobbo, the troll. And as with graffiti and vandalism, it does not make particular sense to ask what variety of religion or atheism the yobbos are promoting – they are trolls, trolling, and they are promoting outrage.

    How to get that outrage? To a celebrity, the troll will perhaps be a creepy stalker; to Christians, the troll will become an ignorant loud-mouthed New Atheist; to such as the RDF, the troll will become an ignorant, loud-mouthed, fundamentalist Christian – in typical troll exaggerated form of course, for maximum effect.

    How would I expect to recognise a troll? Well, as just said, I would expect them to be larger-than-life, and to be extreme examples of what they are mimicking; so be very suspicious of any very extreme mails, that’s a troll alert.

    Trolls who are not Christian will be reliant on atheist memes of what Christians are like, or they will look back to see what caused a maximal splash previously, then copy the most effective elements; so when you see memes like “gay” (or “sodomite”), “freemason”, “burn in hell”, BLOCK CAPITALS THROUGHOUT, “sex with monkeys”, inches of solid exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, suspect atheist trolls, not Christian trolls.

    There’s also the “ha ha ha hahaha” meme – on hearing laughter during an emergency services call-out, every control room operator will treat the call as probably a hoax; likewise, we should be suspicious of trolling when laughter is typed into a mail.

    Then there’s the signs that a troll is going against habit to put on a persona: inconsistencies such as Irregular Or peculiar initial Capitalisation; or starting every sentence, but not the paragraphs with a capital; or erratic mis-spelling – spelling phonetically (or not even that) one time, yet differently or correctly another time.

    Another indicator of someone out for a laugh is that the mail is crafted to get laughs: the “poem” that so obviously isn’t – how did Dawkins or his staff fall for that!; or it might be weird such as telling Dawkins he wants to be a bacterium, or alleging things about English law that even a Primary schoolchild knows must be false, or calling Dawkins a myth.

    The most obvious indicator of a troll – of a troll, but not specifically of a Christian troll – is abuse and vindictiveness: how better to a) troll, and b) splash your trolling in the hate-mail section of a site which you know has such a section, than to spew abuse and malice. If on the RDF website it is anti-atheist abuse or malice, that follows from it being the RDF website. (An illustrative parallel is that a celebrity will often get abuse and harassment targeted specifically at the celebrity.)

    Thirdly, examples (though not analysing in detail):

    Mailer #40 (the last, at the top) was openly trolling. It’s of the nature of trolling that you cannot deduce anything about them except the intent to offend, which on the RDF site means a troll will look like an offensive Christian whether they are such or are just another snotty-nosed kid who cannot even be bothered to pick up a can a spray graffiti and spray a penis on a local wall – what fun, imagine the horror – but picks the easier, lazier internet equivalent.

    #39 is a distinctly unfrenzied and distinctly unpoetic “poem” entitled, “FRENZY”. It’s obviously implausible as anything but a mickey-take.

    #38 Oh dear, “u fuckity fucker”: does anyone speak like that? Another implausible one, I think.

    #37 “Gay and stupid”, “sex with monkeys”, “EVELOOTON”: Michael has commented on and dismissed one this already; I’ll just point out the “gay”, “stupid” and “sex with monkeys” memes, which indicate mails that are faked or simply trolling.

    #36 writes at length. An alleged Australian, “Thomas Seath” tells Dawkins he knows Dawkins can and should be locked up for life under British canon law – so its evidently written to give Dawkins a chuckle, as any Brit will know better than to take that seriously. Calling Dawkins a myth doesn’t help his credibility as being serious, either.

    #35 is a grouchy mail by a, yes, David Grouchy. Bit of a give-away, that. Another give-away is the two inches of solid exclamation marks – another meme indicating a troll. And being written in CAPITALS is another troll meme.

    #34 What Christian lists four different descriptions of God as if they were four distinct and separate things. And, “… some angrily verbally abusive – you do deserve this way too because as we know, the earth is round and not everyone will be nicely spoken …” You can’t make this up – or rather, it looks like someone has done just that.

    #33 The “GAY” meme strikes again. To anyone who says that a mail that is abusive, is typed in capitals, with atrocious spelling and laughable claims, eg “FOR SOME ODD REASON YOU WISH YOU COULD BE A BACTERIA INSTEAD OF A HUMAN”, and which threatens, and claims to hope for, horrible pain and torment in hell for Dawkins – to anyone who claims that those contents are a sure indicator of a right-wing Republican type fundamentalist Christian hate mailer, I have to say that they are better indicators of trolls, of people out to flame and to get a strong and disgusted reaction. Trolls take their colouration not from what they themselves are, but from what they are trolling; on the RDF website, they will inevitably adopt the colouration of “fundamentalist Christian”.

    #32 Full of troll memes, showing “Amy Weld” has certainly learned to copy the fashions: “gay” (ie “sodomites”), “sex with monkeys”, “BURN IN HELL”, and a long string of exclamation marks.

    Fourthly, a summary:

    Lots of implausibility, thus far. I’ll stop here. Continue looking if you wish, but I’m sure you will have got the message that most of these could be the work of common-or-garden trolls rather than the work of religiously or anti-religiously motivated trolls; and many show signs of being the work of atheist trolls.

  5. Michael says:

    Nice analysis!

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