More Genius Insights From Neil deGrasse Tyson

I like some of the comments in response:

@neiltyson and umbombable cities, and unkillable people, too

@neiltyson solution to AirAsia crash is to create uncrashable planes.

@neiltyson We’ll get the unicorns right on that.

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One Response to More Genius Insights From Neil deGrasse Tyson

  1. TFBW says:

    Shows how fast you can go from “informed” to “idiot” if you step outside your field of expertise. In Tyson’s defence, however, creating an unhackable system is much easier than those responses suggest. Trust me — I have a PhD in computer science. (Woo! I get to use Scientific Authority!)

    To render your system fairly hack-proof, simply disconnect it from the Internet, permanently. Physically disable all networking interfaces to ensure that a connection is not re-established unintentionally. While this is effective against remote attackers, it is no guarantee against attackers with sufficient physical proximity to the computer. For increased security, therefore, I recommend that you don’t attach any removable storage to it (another common compromise vector), and physically disable all possible interfaces (e.g. Bluetooth, ESATA, USB, Firewire, card readers) that could be used for that purpose. For extreme security, however, you should disconnect the power (including batteries where appropriate), permanently, and disable the physical power interface to be sure that it is not inadvertently reconnected. Lastly, for perfect security, you should reduce the entire computer to a fine powder, then disperse the powder over a broad area. I guarantee that no hacker will ever compromise a system secured in this manner.

    Tyson should start rendering all his systems unhackable immediately.

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