Behold the Poes

Since some people seem to have difficulty coming to terms with the existence of Poe’s on the internet, I was going to write up a series of blog posts about it. Unfortunately, I’m too busy at the moment to follow through on that.

However, I can kick it off by mentioning Landover Baptist Church. There is no such church – it’s a hoax web site that has been running for 12 years now. Yep, twelve years.

Have a look around. Someone, or some people, have been putting a lot of work into maintaining a hoax site. What should really catch your attention is the Forums section. There you will find a community of Poes. And they sure love doing their Poe thing:

Threads: 91,078
Posts: 1,029,427
Members: 57,578
Active Members: 388

The Poes have almost 100,000 threads and over one millions posts. Looks like a Poe goldmine to explore.
And it also looks like there is more than one or two Poes out there. 😉

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