The Nutty Professor

Tweety Dawk does it again! This time, he has finally bought a new house in CrazyTown. The leading atheist actually thinks we should beam pornography into Muslim countries:

Tim Stanley then pwns him:

Richard Dawkins’ insanity has now become an English institution – like warm beer and rain. On Saturday morning, a tweet from his account asked why we don’t send lots of “erotic videos” to theocracies, adding that it should be “loving, gentle, woman-respecting” (I guess this involves the pizza delivery boy calling the next day). If we’re going down this road, I also hear that Islamists aren’t very keen on bacon, so perhaps we should bombard the Iranian countryside with pig carcasses? Also, miniature bottles of gin. And photos of hot guys making out – in a “men-respecting” and “gentle” sort of way.

Shocked by all the laughter his Porn-Attack Strategy elicited, Tweety Dawk tried to jump into the Memory Hole:

After a few minutes of mockery, the tweet was deleted. Perhaps even he realised how utterly mad it was. Which suggests a degree of self-awareness that I didn’t think possible in Britain’s nuttiest professor.

Beware the Gnu virus – it has the ability to take a once widely-respected scientist and turn him into a laughingstock.

HT: Billy Squibs

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7 Responses to The Nutty Professor

  1. Another Steve says:

    Not sure if this is similar to what Dawkins had in mind, but something like this has been done before. Pornographic images were used in “black propaganda” leaflets dropped by both sides during WWII.

  2. dernostalgischetyp says:

    What Excactly was his thinking? Send Erotic videos to muslim countrys and they will be like “Oh cool now lets establish democracy and stop killing homosexuals and jews”

    Well this will only make sense in the mind of dawkins

  3. “What Excactly was his thinking? Send Erotic videos to muslim countrys and they will be like “Oh cool now lets establish democracy and stop killing homosexuals and jews””

    Most gnu atheists seem to have something of a hang up about sex, or, more precisely, a hang up about other people having hand ups about sex. TBH it wouldn’t really surprise me if Richard Dawkins thought that introducing these benighted theocracies to the joys of free love would lead to mass deconversions.

  4. Andrew says:

    Well, the sexual revolution has undermined Western society. He’s just trying to use the same technique elsewhere

  5. J.P. says:

    What the hell was he thinking about when he had such an idea?

    Actually, was he thinking anyway?

  6. GM says:

    Gentle, loving, respectful exploitation of women. Good, yes, of course, thank you, I’m sure.

  7. stcordova says:

    He probably thought appealing to hedonism could appeal people away from religious beliefs.

    That said, he underestimates the ability of the Muslim religion to incorporate promiscuous lifestyles. For example, prostitution in Iran is defacto legalized where the clergy serve as Pimps!

    You can google this quote:

    “Iranian authorities have allocated funds for prostitution houses under the guise of temporary marriage, Al-Osboa has reported. According to the report, the government of Iran has granted one-day, temporary marriages in certain neighborhoods to “eliminate the problem of rape and sexual repression suffered by the Iranian youth.”

    Under the terms of the license, it would be legal for any Iranian or foreigner frequenting a designated house to have sex with a girl if she agrees to temporarily marry him. In Iran, sex outside of marriage is a crime, in some cases punishable with up to one hundred lashes, or in the case of adultery, the death sentence. When a temporary marriage is instituted in Shia Islam, a man and woman contract a mut’a for a limited period of time and for a specific amount of money that the man must pay to the woman.

    According to the official announcement in the cities of Qom and Mashad, the price per night is between twenty and fifty dollars, depending on whether the girl is a virgin or not in addition to her beauty. “

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