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Understanding Why New Atheists Use Ridicule

As we have seen, ridicule and mockery of the religious are key components of the New Atheist Movement. According to John Loftus, “It’s not just the so-called “new atheists” like Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, and PZ Myers who advocate ridicule. … Continue reading

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More Recycled Gnu Arguments

The other day, while searching for Dawkins’s mocking strategy, I stumbled across a blog entry by John Loftus entitled, “On Justifying the Use of Ridicule and Mockery.” As I read the blog entry, I experienced a profound sense of deja … Continue reading

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Why the New Atheist Strategy Will Fail

Several years ago, Dawkins outlined one of the core methods of today’s New Atheist movement: I have from time to time expressed sympathy for the accommodationist tendency so ably criticized here by Jerry Coyne. I have occasionally worried that – … Continue reading

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More Anti-Science Views from a New Atheist Leader

As we have seen, Bill Maher is a recipient of the Richard Dawkins Award and sits on the Advisory Board of Project Reason (Sam Harris’s private “think tank”). We have also seen that Maher is an anti-vaxxer, leading us to … Continue reading

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Communists Taught Science is Incompatible with Religion

As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, one of the core arguments of the New Atheist movement appears to be recycled communist propaganda. Here’s some more evidence along those lines. The following excerpt was written in 1963 and published … Continue reading

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Science and Religion Incompatible? Just a Recycled Argument from the Soviet Union

Let’s start with a quote.  Scientific atheists believed that their technological and scientific successes would obviously disprove the validity of religion because the two are fundamentally in opposition. What if I were to tell you this comes from a scholar … Continue reading

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Still Obsessed with Other People’s Children

Richard Dawkins really needs to get out of his intellectually inbred cocoon. He’s been on this 10+ year mission to get people to stop referring to children as “Christian children” or “Muslim children.” He is stuck on this crazypants notion … Continue reading

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A Question Dawkins, and His Fans, Can’t Answer

When New Atheist Craig Hicks murdered three Muslim students, Dawkins condemned the murder as follows: “How could any decent person NOT condemn the vile murder of three young US Muslims in Chapel Hill?” But here is the unanswerable question – … Continue reading

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Misusing Evolution As Part of an Agenda

According to the New Atheists, atheism is supposed to follow from evolutionary theory. Activist Jerry Coyne does a nice job summarizing the Gnu thinking on this issue, asserting that evolution has “implications” that point away from theism. Let’s take a … Continue reading

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Recycled Arguments

In 2002, Olga Homolova, a journalist from the Czech Republic wrote an article entitled, DREAM OF A GODLESS COUNTRY. ANTI-RELIGIOUS AND ATHEISTIC PROPAGANDA IN SOVIET RUSSIA IN THE 1920s. I have become intrigued by the parallels between the modern day … Continue reading

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