The Chutzpah of Richard Dawkins

Here’s a deceptive quote from Richard Dawkins:

I long ago declared that I would not wish to go on living if I found myself in a world dominated by people who no longer care about what’s true and express open contempt for factual evidence. Either a 1984 world where the Party in power is the sole arbiter of what is “true” and enforces it with violence; or a world where truth is whatever society deems it to be, regardless of evidence, and where dissenters are ruthlessly punished by vitriolic abuse or ostracism rather than violence.

I fear we are sleepwalking towards that feared world, where people shun evidence and despise facts: a world where dogma is king, emotion is queen and evidence is exiled; and where dissent from orthodoxy is suppressed by verbal if not physical jackboots.


It’s pretty clear to many of us that Richard Dawkins no longer cares about what’s true and his recent video confirms this. His video now has 1.8 million views, but we still have no evidence that most of those emails were sent from Religious Fundamentalists. In fact, Dawkins and his organization have no desire to provide any such evidence. We are supposed to accept his truth claim on faith.

I have long warned people that when Gnu atheists demand evidence, they are not sincere. Such demands are not rooted in principle. Instead, they are debate tricks, designed to frame the issue by putting theists in the position of having to defend themselves in rigged, kangaroo courts. This video should help people to see that I am right, as Dawkins and his allies take the position where they “shun evidence and despise facts.” As usual, the ends justifies their means.

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6 Responses to The Chutzpah of Richard Dawkins

  1. @joesw0rld says:

    …they “shun evidence and despise facts.”

    Do you have some then?

    Do you not believe that Christians are capable of writing such missives?

    Have you heard of Poe’s Law?

    What is your objection here?

  2. Michael says:

    Do you not believe that Christians are capable of writing such missives?

    That wasn’t the claim in the video. Dawkins video made a truth claim and pretended to know something he/they don’t know.

    Have you heard of Poe’s Law?

    Yep. That’s one of the big problems with Dawkins’ truth claim – how does he know most of those emails were not Poes?

    What is your objection here?

    The leader of the Gnus postures as he is all about truth, but the evidence shows us he doesn’t really care about the truth.

  3. Shecky R says:

    Dear indoctrinated Michael, you really need to get a life… apart that is from your time-consuming (jealous?) obsession with Mr. Dawkins; you’re living in a delusional bubble of your own creation.

  4. Crude says:

    Dear indoctrinated Michael

    Considering Mike rather stakes out his own position on these matters, that’s hard to believe.

    Now quick – Dawkins needs another million. Didn’t he put out a new book or video for the Cultists of Gnu to lap up? Hey, I hear if you pay thousands of dollars to his organization, he’ll have a dinner with you.

    Get saving, Shecky. 😉

  5. Charlie 2n says:

    Even if Mike were jealous of Dawkins. How does it follow that he’s in a “delusional bubble of his own creation”?

    Both could be true. He could be jealous but not deluded in his criticisms.
    All your comment does is attempt to sneer.

  6. dernostalgischetyp says:

    I think that dawkings is right on what he said. That is people in america/britain really are walking fast toward a 1984 style thinking , only thing is it is not coming from those people that dawkings thinks it is coming from but from Himself and his followers. Reading comments From Internet atheists Proves that better than any study ever could. in one sentence or 140 Charachters each they Put out so much dogmatism so much stereotypical thinking so much hate and a deep wish for a totalitarian world in which they are the one and only ruler over what has and has not a right to exist in this world. Makes me so much more grateful that I am a german and that I am far away from all this insanity, If dawkings and the other new atheists were german and they would say the same things over here that they are saying in the english speaking world “Evil genes” “Mind virus” etc they would be shunnend very very quick. to call them a cult could not be more fitting cults also take words and give them a new meaning Faith now means beilive without evidence, everything that came before us was evil oh and one of there favorites they are the reasonable and logical ones meaning everyone how is anything but a cult of gnu member is not even atheist how have a more nuanced view on the human race religion History and so forth.

    They are radicals by any means and radicals must be watched careful. Almost Everything they are proposing is completly anti democratic in nature. And this is in no way paranoid what i am saying here you just need to look at the cases of women within the atheist movment that got death threats and later suffered from PTS and that was only how they choose to use e-mail and telephone and not Lawinforcment. Its very important to keep these People far away from actual political power because the moment they got there hands on it its full on tyranny forever not just for Belivers but for everyone how does not 100% agree of how thinks are to be seen.

    Or what I thing is more likely, is that they are All just Big talk with no Bite and as the years pass they become more and more Irrelevant and the loons will return to other radical Political groups but hey you never know 😉

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