Communists Taught Science is Incompatible with Religion

As I mentioned in the previous blog entry, one of the core arguments of the New Atheist movement appears to be recycled communist propaganda. Here’s some more evidence along those lines.

The following excerpt was written in 1963 and published in Lituanus, which is “an English language journal dedicated to Lithuanian and Baltic art, history, language, literature and related cultural topics.” The article is entitled, “Communism’s Struggle with Religion in Lithuania.” Understandably, the author did not want to use his/her real name.

Check it out:

In the anti-religious campaign special attention is focused upon the youth. The seventh plenary meeting of the Communist Party’s Central Committee on December 3 – 4, 1958, entertained one major idea — the reinforcement and vigorous strengthening of political and ideological indoctrination among the youth. Anti-religious propaganda was cast in a new form and made obligatory in all pedagogical institutions. Its enactment was delegated to the party and Communist youth organizations. Soon after the plenary meeting, the organ of the teaching profession, “Tarybinis Mokytojas”, wrote:

“The formation of a materialistic attitude (Weltanschaung) in the students and scientific atheistic education is the paramount responsibility of every teacher. Teachers of biology, physics, chemistry, history, and literature can play an exceptionally important role. By revealing from its very foundations, the materialistic interpretation of the order in the universe and in human society, they can at the same time show, with vivid and pointed examples, how the slaves of religion try to falsify scientific truths and to fool the gullible public. It is necessary that the basic incompatibility between science and religion be clearly presented to the students, and that the detrimental effects of religious belief on scientific progress be clearly pointed out.”

The basic incompatibility between science and religion, eh?

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