Do We Really Need a Law to Ban Religious Upbringing?

Activist Jerry Coyne was recently promoting Dawkins’s article where he obsesses about other people’s children (it’s the article that I easily refuted). What caught my interest was just how extreme some of Coyne’s fans are. Consider this little nugget of Gnu Think:

I applaud Richard Dawkins and what he doing…..I can’t remember where I’ve heard this from but I read that religious indoctrination of children should be categorized as a sort of thought crime , and that children should not be even exposed to religion until age 13 or later and have had a chance to understand it to look at all the different types of religions and to see what it’s like not to have any religion and then make a choice based on their thoughts
But that would require a law from Congress and we know this Congress can’t agree on if the earth is 6000 years old or if our ancestors Played with dinosaurs, and that the universe was created by a invisible man in the sky in seven days.
I do not see the religious indoctrination of children stopping anytime soon.

Of course, no one at Coyne’s blog raised any objections.

Y’gotta love when the Gnu’s obsess over other people’s children, as it exposes their totalitarian tendencies for all to see.

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7 Responses to Do We Really Need a Law to Ban Religious Upbringing?

  1. Mark Plus says:

    No, we don’t need this kind of law. Christianity will disappear eventually any way through natural processes. Christians understand this on some level, and the growing visibility of atheists gives them the creeps because we look like an invasion of time travelers from the coming “Jesus who?” era.

    I find it interesting that the film “Prometheus” a few years back shows a single christian woman, an archaeologist character named Elizabeth Shaw (played by the Swedish actress Noomi Rapace), who wears a cross and witnesses about her faith in a time when christianity has gone into decline and christian believers have become relatively uncommon. Yet she sleeps with a man on the space ship, which suggests that the kind of christianity she professes has adopted a liberal morality. I find this suggestive of what christianity could look like during its long twilight in the coming centuries.

    And I would have no problem at all dating such a Christian Future Woman, for obvious reasons.

  2. Billy Squibs says:

    1) What are these “natural processes”?
    2) And what if Christianity doesn’t disappear though “natural processes”?
    3) What of other religions? Shall “natural processes” dispatch them as well?
    4) How do you know any of this?

    BTW, it would be smashing if you could spare us the details of your space opera themed sexual fantasies.

  3. Ape in a Cape says:

    The only time travelling I see happening within the new atheist movement is the time it takes to travel from one bad argument to the next. Prometheus as a proleptic confession of Christianity’s prospects? Please. That’s not a new idea; that’s a Gnu idea.


  4. Michael says:

    No, we don’t need this kind of law. Christianity will disappear eventually any way through natural processes.

    That’s the old Marxist line. From Wiki:

    “Different parts of the Soviet leadership disagreed with each on how best to combat religion, with positions ranging from the ‘rightist’ belief that religion would die on its own naturally with increasing education, and the ‘leftist’ belief that religion needed to be attacked strongly. The Marxist notion that human beliefs were determined by material conditions[2] had been used to support the ‘rightist’ argument that religion would go away on its own once the state developed, and that rather than teaching people atheism and giving anti-religious propaganda, people should instead be taught natural sciences and they would then lose their religion. The old Marxist theory was pragmatically questioned as it became apparent that religion was not going away, and more active means were thought necessary.”

  5. Bilbo says:

    It’s interesting that the Christian woman in Prometheus, Elizabeth Shaw, is the heroine of the film, saving Earth from the Aliens, and pursuing the quest for truth with unadulterated bravery. Quite a role model. And I think it was clear that the only reason she and her longstanding boyfriend weren’t married, yet, was that she was waiting for him to propose.

  6. Isaac says:

    Well it looks like Mark didn’t stick around to show the reasoning behind his bizarre outlook.

  7. Isaac says:

    Since in literally THOUSANDS of social studies, including in-depth composite studies…religious practice and faith are inversely correlated to criminal behavior…I think a law to outlaw religious upbringing would make the world a much, much, crummier place. And unlike Mark, I actually have data to back up my assumptions.

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