Jerry Coyne’s New Book Receives First Negative Review on Goodreads

Here is a short review from someone who received Coyne’s new book by winning a Goodreads giveaway.

Jerry Coyne has a thesis: Science and Religion are incompatible. Now the real question is this: Does he show this?
Well, no I don’t believe so.

This book is simply aimed at people who already accept the same conclusion as Coyne. Jerry Coyne does not approach this topic objectively or neutral. He is a New Atheist who has expressed his dislike of religion countless times (just go read his blog). While one must say that Coyne does bring up some interesting points (his discussion of accommodationism was somewhat interesting), I believe that Coyne simply does not explicitly show a substantial amount of conflict between science and religion.

Of course, Coyne also makes some absurd claims about the Bible that are just simply wrong. For example, on page 72 Coyne says: “Take the Resurrection of Jesus, for which the only supporting evidence is the contradictory accounts of the Gospels.” Wait….what? Did he read anybody besides Richard Carrier and Bart Ehrman to come up with this information about the Bible?

Basically, you will love this book if you already agree with Jerry Coyne.

I figured Coyne would preach to the choir, as that is where the money is. My guess would be that the book is mostly a rehash of many of the same old arguments he has made on his blog and in other articles. As for the Resurrection claim on page 72, it will be interesting to see if Coyne makes the same argument that Carroll and Harris did that was so easily refuted.

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5 Responses to Jerry Coyne’s New Book Receives First Negative Review on Goodreads

  1. mechanar says:

    Wa wa WHAT??!! so you are telling me a new atheist made something that really is just a quick buck speaking to those that already agree to reinforce the postion and is void of any real substance, na that cant be you made that up!

  2. heddle says:

    Coyne has always been profoundly inconsistent. He likes to argue that we know things almost exclusively from science. But then he has his Holy of Holies, that science an religion are incompatible. This is his seemingly one fact that he gives an exemption to, for this incompatibility has no observable effect, and is therefore not known by science–he just, um, knows it to be true.

  3. Michael says:

    heddle! good to see ya.

  4. heddle says:


    Yes, and blogging again–but at the old, if you care to change your link.

  5. Michael says:


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