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Confused Determinism

New Atheist Jerry Coyne continued to rationalize New Atheism’s fascination with free will denialism.: No, I don’t believe in “moral accountability,” which to me implies that one can choose freely. (Indeed, the survey of Sarkissian et al. shows that many … Continue reading

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Answering Questions About New Atheism

In the comment section of a previous blog entry, atheist makagutu asked: And what really is new atheism and who made Jerry a leader. I replied: Google is your friend. From Wiki: “New Atheism is a social and political movement … Continue reading

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Every Penny

.@RichardDawkins Will you bother to check every penny goes to victims? Your assurances have a bad track record. — Heather Dalgleish (@lordpasternack) April 28, 2015

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You Can’t Trust a New Atheist Determinist

As we have seen, New Atheists like Jerry Coyne are such extreme determinists that they believe terrorists cannot be held morally responsible for their terrorism. Needless to say, Coyne and other free will denialists neither think murderers, rapists, and human … Continue reading

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New Atheist Leader Excuses Terrorist

Jerry Coyne argues that Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should not be held morally responsible for his terrorism. This is where New Atheism leads…….. At this moment, a jury in Boston is weighing imposing a federal death penalty on 21-year-old … Continue reading

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Inconsistent nod to “evidence”

A few days ago, Jerry Coyne wrote the following on his blog: I think it’s time for us to stand up and say what we are: we are atheists, and we see no evidence for a God, just as we … Continue reading

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Jerry Coyne’s Book Gets Another Bad Review

From Publishers Weekly: Though interesting, Coyne’s overarching conclusion—that science and religion must be incompatible—is not persuasively articulated on a number of grounds, and he suffers from the same kinds of poor sociological thinking as his “New Atheist” peers, mistaking problems … Continue reading

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New Atheists, Bunnies, and Hypocrisy

A few years ago, Gnu activist PZ Myers posted a cartoon of two little bunnies taking a different approach to solving a puzzle. The blog entry was entitled Yes! The religion and science conflict, only cuter! The objective of the … Continue reading

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More Extremism From Richard Dawkins

You can always count on militant atheists to fail when it comes to hiding their militancy. A few months ago, Dawkins let his anger get the better of him and showed us his true feelings – all religious people are … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Taylor Makes a Dumb Comment

Jeffrey Taylor, writing for, offers up a common Gnu talking point: I’m unaware of a single atheist who, motivated by his or her nonbelief, has called for or committed acts of violence against Christians anywhere, at any time. Well, … Continue reading

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