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Negative Reviews of “Faith vs. Fact” Keep Coming In

Jerry Coyne’s book has not received many reviews yet, but two recent reviews have been quite negative. First, John Horgan reviews the book for the Wall Street Journal and skewers Coyne with some rather humorous insights: Mr. Coyne castigates not … Continue reading

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Pot Scolds the Kettle

In a previous posting, we saw Gnu activist Jerry Coyne’s idea of co-existing with religious people in a pluralistic society: If religious people just kept to themselves, just went to church, respected the findings of science and a) didn’t teach … Continue reading

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Prof. Coyne Quote-Mines in his New Book

Ah, the irony. Tom Gilson has been reading Jerry Coyne’s new book and has already discovered a juicy example of quote-mining. It looks like Coyne was trying to portray Alvin Plantinga as someone who says one thing to one audience … Continue reading

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Sufficiently Militant to be the Fourth Horseman

Atheist Brandon Robshaw liked Jerry Coyne’s extreme views so much that he reached the following conclusion: Jerry Coyne is the perfect candidate to replace the late Christopher Hitchens as the fourth Horseman of the New Atheist Apocalypse. Well,….Coyne’s views are … Continue reading

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The Infanticide-Atheist Connection

We are told that atheism is nothing more than a lack of belief in God. While this claim passes the dictionary test, the problem is that as we observe what atheists believe and say, there appears to more to atheism … Continue reading

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Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne on Science, Faith, and Religion

As part of his book promo efforts, Gnu activist Jerry Coyne was interviewed by Gnu activist Sam Harris (the podcast is on Harris’s blog). It’s probably not worth your time to listen to the interview (as I did) largely because … Continue reading

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Science and Religion Are Not Incompatible

According to the New Atheists, science and religion are supposed to be incompatible.  Nonsense. To appreciate the nonsensical essence of this belief, let’s have a look at Jerry Coyne’s old USA Today article entitled, “Science and religion aren’t friends.” It … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Taylor: The Delicate, Angry Atheist

Jeffrey Taylor is an angry atheist who writes for As you might guess, the angry atheist is once again angry. And what makes the angry atheist angry? Religion. Of course. Taylor’s recent excuse to coddle and nurture his anger … Continue reading

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Is Sam Harris Lying?

We have seen that two weeks after losing his email debate with Noam Chomsky, Sam Harris is still concerned about it, leading to him upload a podcast where he can have the last, last word (the first “last word” came … Continue reading

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Sam Harris STILL Arguing With the Empty Chair

Sam Harris must really be hurting after his public humiliation from his misguided attempt to engage Noam Chomsky (recall that Chomsky views Harris as a “religious fanatic”). We can tell this because he is in full damage control mode. Harris, … Continue reading

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