Preaching to the Choir

It looks like Jerry Coyne’s new book is indeed an example of preaching to the choir. So far, the most recent review for it appeared in the WSJ back on May 29th (and it was very negative). And that also happens to be the only review published in a mainstream media outlet. The Amazon ratings are decent, but have been on the decline, indicating it is past its sales peak. It looks like the only ones buying and liking the book are the Gnu atheists themselves. Surprised? There is money to be made in that, but as far as a book that helps to change the culture, it doesn’t look like Coyne’s book will succeed there. All of this indicates New Atheism itself is past its peak.

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One Response to Preaching to the Choir

  1. mechanar says:

    I was asking myself long ago If it would be unethical to write a gnu atheist book just for a quick buck
    I mean they buy everythin that has atheist written in or on it anyways Content doesn’t matter as long at it preaches to the chor.

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