Richard Dawkins Puts Himself Up For Sale

Did you know you are “invited to a small, intimate evening with internationally renowned British scientist, atheist and author Richard Dawkins?”  And that “Richard would like to gather a small group of like-minded individuals to dine and converse about his life, his work, and the state of reason and science in the United States.”

Yes, Dawkins is selling himself again, this time while promoting himself as the smartest man in the world:

Come and enjoy this unique opportunity to dine with the “world’s greatest thinker,” (according to the readers of Prospect magazine) and support the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science.

Tell us more!!

“A small dinner will give a select group of Richard’s intellectual compatriots the opportunity to chat with Richard as well as other supporters of reason and science.”

So how can you be part of this “select” group of Richard’s intellectual compatriots?  Easy.  Just pull out your Visa card and charge $1000 to your account.  Wait…..that’s $1000 plus service charges.  Sounds like you still have to pay for your own dinner (the service fee is $35.99). 😉

Clever Dawkins.  He continues to come up with ways to cash in on his media persona.

I especially like this part:

Discuss evolution, religion, atheism or anything else you desire during this intimate dinner with Richard Dawkins.  Seating is limited to 25.

If you ask me, a dinner table with 25 other Gnus does not sound like an “intimate dinner with Richard.”  Sounds more like a table with 25 blowhards, all vying to be the smartest person at table in the hope their idol will notice them.

I’m sure there are plenty of gullible Gnus out there willing to part with $1000 in order to sit at a table with Dawkins for an hour.  But what is it with Gnu’s and their hero worship?  I’m sorry, but I can’t think of a single person on this planet I would pay $1000 to have dinner with, along with 24 other people.  I guess I just don’t idolize other humans the way New Atheists do.

As for Dawkins, I’m not sure who the world’s greatest thinker truly is.  But whoever he is, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t engage is such a greedy, classless act as trying to sell tickets for the chance to have dinner with him.

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12 Responses to Richard Dawkins Puts Himself Up For Sale

  1. Dhay says:

    I agree with Michael, and would add the following:–

    I see at the bottom of the advert that **Attending this dinner qualifies you as a Dawkins Circle member and a VIP of the foundation.

    Sadly (or risibly), Dawkins Circle membership and, er, VIP status, will only last for one year. If you look on the ‘Website FAQ’ page you will find:

    Q: Why can’t I login after becoming a member?/What is the difference between RDFRS membership and having an account on the site?

    A: Becoming a member and registering for an account on our website are two different things. A membership is making a yearly or monthly donation at varying tiers with different benefits, while registering for an account only allows individuals to participate in discussions on the website. …

    And the ‘Join the Richard Dawkins Foundation’ page tells us that at the $1,000 pa level you get:

    Reason Circle – $1,000 a year or $85 a month
    Invitation to an Exclusive Donor Event with Richard,
    Member-only discount for all purchases in the richarddawkins,net store.

    Those who signed up for one of these two dinners will find that, that’s it, this was their one and only one Exclusive Donor Event for this donor year, and the main benefit of being “a Dawkins Circle member and a VIP of the foundation”; the other Member or “VIP” benefit is that you can get exactly the same atheist-themed T-shirt, book, jewellery (eg A+ badge) as anyone else — as even non-atheists, should any want any — though with the attraction of a nowhere-specified discount — presumably the same unspecified discount you get for a mere $25 pa at ‘Supporting Member’ level; so I wonder who will think the $1,000 will make them in any way really a VIP.

    For a mere $250 (or $500 at New York City) Dawkins fans could have attended one of Dawkins’ Pre-Event VIP Receptions, and got for their “VIP Ticket price”: a copy of the book, meet & greet with Richard Dawkins, light refreshments, and admission to the talk with reserved seating. One of the San Francisco talks got cancelled — why? lack of numbers? — so that leaves seven talks and seven Pre-Event VIP Receptions. If you just want to meet Dawkins, why go for the (more) expensive option. You can be a “VIP” for $250.

    On the evidence of the WayBack Machine internet archive, the advert for these two dinners existed on 5 September this year — it’s up in the scrolling banner on the main page — but not on 3 September. Yes, it’s a last-minute advert.

    I am a cynic, I’m afraid, so the question that comes readily to mind is how many Dawkins Circle members there are — the site doesn’t tell us — and of those how many would be able and willing to turn up at one of two dinners at times and locations convenient to Dawkins (not to themselves — and there’s the travel distances and expenses, so a Dawkins Circle member would have to be really, really keen to attend.)

    The next question that comes to mind is what would Dawkins (and the RDF) do if the numbers of attendees to a Dawkins Circle member invitation-only event were embarrassingly small, so that the attendees would feel like gullible freaks standing out in a sea of indifference, instead of in the enthusiastic crowd of eager fans they believe themselves to be part of. Ah yes, in order to attract extra people to make up numbers to something nearer the 25 mark, they would put in a last-minute advert.

  2. iblase says:

    and he says religion is out to bilk people’s money

  3. Ilíon says:

    So how can you be part of this “select” group of Richard’s intellectual compatriots? Easy. Just pull out your Visa card and charge $1000 to your account. Wait…..that’s $1000 plus service charges. Sounds like you still have to pay for your own dinner (the service fee is $35.99).

    Perhaps there was a little mixup in the type setting? I’m thinking the $35.99 is what (they think) the “opportunity” is worth, and the $1000 is the service fee.

  4. mechanar says:

    so I have to pay 1000 bucks to be In a Room with a bunch of people who will agree with each other for an hour? Were do I Sign Up!

  5. TFBW says:

    … a bunch of people who will agree with each other for an hour …

    Only if they stay on the “religion is bad” script.

  6. Squirrely says:

    I think I’d be willing to pay $1000 dollars to get out of having to attend a dinner with Dawkins and 25 of his sycophants.

  7. Squirrely says:

    And I just got a letter from the Department of Redundancy Department.

  8. itsonlyphotos says:

    “Smartest man?!” They’ve gotta be kidding. The guy may be enthusiastic about science and that’s cool, but he’s illogical as hell when it comes to other things. Oh, and willfully ignorant.

  9. itsonlyphotos says:

    …Oh, and you can guarantee that dinner will be ALL dudes.

  10. Saladua says:

    But i bet you tithe , meaning youve given a shitload of money over the years to pay someone you probably dint even find insightful (your pastor) and if you dont tithe then youre a bad christian

  11. TFBW says:

    In the absence of an actual argument, Saladua resorts here to the “I know you are, but what am I?” gambit.

  12. Isaac says:

    (psssst. Saludua. I’m whispering this to you privately so that everyone won’t know that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Although I’m not really sure how the internet works. There’s a chance they’ll be able to hear me. Anyway, just between us…tithing is technically completely voluntary for Christians, pastors actually help people beyond just giving sermons, and tithes generally go to a local church, and not a single individual’s salary. Also, most Christians know their pastor and don’t worship him from afar like Dawkins. Just a heads up.)

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