Who is the Extremist?

Richard Dawkins Michael – Shadow to Light
Does not think Christian theism is a reasonable position Thinks atheism is a reasonable position.
Claimed religious faith “is one of the world’s greatest evils, comparable to the small pox virus.” Does not think atheism is evil.
Insists it is child abuse to raise your child in religious faith tradition. Does not think it is child abuse to raise your child as an atheist.
Is leader in an anti-religious hate movement. Is not part of any movement.
Gave public speech encouraging hundreds of followers to go out and mock religious people. Has given no public speech encouraging anyone to mock atheists.
Posts angry anti-religious tweets on almost a daily basis Posts blog entries that chuckle at New Atheists a couple of times a month


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2 Responses to Who is the Extremist?

  1. You forgot to add that you are capable of making a cogent point. Him, not so much.

  2. GeoffSmith says:

    You’re such an extremist. Wait, are you Dawkins?

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