Dawkins Gets Poe’d Yet Again

Richard Dawkins likes to retweet.  For example, on Dec 12, he retweeted himself:

What’s hilarious about this is how Dawkins never thinks to doubt, to weigh up plausibility, and demand evidence when it comes to his precious anti-religious sentiments.  For example, remember when he completely abandoned doubt and evidence when promoting himself reading the supposed “hate-mail” he receives from religious fundamentalists?

Well, it happened again.

A mere four days later, on Dec 16, Dawkins retweeted the following:

Richard truly needs to learn how to do the whole doubt, plausibility, evidence thing.  Let me teach him.

First thing Richard, is that when an anonymous person shows up with a story on the internet that perfectly matches your stereotypes, you should doubt.  You are very susceptible to confirmation bias, Richard, so try to think, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

Second thing Richard, ask a simple question – “Where is the evidence?”  Is there any evidence the story is true?  There is none.

Third, let’s think it terms of plausibility.

A daughter returns home to write her PhD thesis and, when she is away, her dad finds it on her laptop, deletes it, makes an account on reddit, and then anonymously asks the community of trolls how to deal with her for not accepting his apology.  And then, for several days, argues with everyone.  How likely is that?

The file is deleted by emptying the trash bin and we’re told there is no program or person who can recover it.  How likely is that?

The daughter kept all her PhD work in one file – her dissertation – and in one place – her laptop.  How likely is that?

Now, how likely is that all three of these dynamics come together?

Dawkins asks, “Shouldn’t we all be taught to doubt, to weigh up plausibility and to demand evidence?”

I doubt the sincerity of Richard Dawkins about such matters.  There is no evidence the gullible man is sincere and there is plenty of evidence he does not practice what he preaches.




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One Response to Dawkins Gets Poe’d Yet Again

  1. GeoffSmith says:

    Yeah, I retweeted that explaining it as a clear hoax. Nobody seemed to care.

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