Puncturing the Narrative

According to the media:

Security concerns have prompted officials in a Virginia county to close schools after parental objections to a world geography lesson that included Islam.

Augusta County School Board President Eric Bond announced Thursday that schools would be closed Friday.

Bond says the decision was made “out of an abundance of caution” after consulting with law enforcement. He says there was no specific threat to students but did not elaborate on the safety concerns.

Media outlets report that a Riverheads High School teacher last week asked students to complete an assignment that included practicing calligraphy and writing a Muslim statement of faith. Students weren’t asked to translate the statement or recite it.

Bond says that the school district received “voluminous” phone calls and emails about the lesson.

The county canceled extracurricular activities through the weekend.

Ace of Spades translates this perfectly:

Like so:

Us: You shouldn’t make kids write “Allah is god,” the same as I assume you would never make them write “Jesus is Lord.”

Them: But this was in Arabic. They didn’t know what they were writing.

Us: They found out pretty quick. Would you make Muslim kids write “Jesus is Lord”–

Them: But we didn’t tell them what they were writing!

Us: You didn’t let me finish: Would you make Muslim kids write “Jesus is Lord” in Latin?Dominum Iesum?” How’s that hit you? Does that touch you someplace special?

Them: …

Us: Or how about in Ancient Greek? Or in Aramaic? Or even — God forbid — Hebrew?

Them: That’s different.

Us: In what way?

Them: …

Us: The real difference is that you feel that you may and should pummel Christian kids into being “open minded” about faiths not their own, but you’d be very protective of Muslim kids’ religions autonomy wouldn’t you?

Them: —

Us: Are you going to answer?

Them: We’re shutting down the school. The Tone of this discussion just proves how important it is to be open to learning about Islam.

Us: This sure seems like an attempt to claim victim status when you’re the one crossing lines.

Them: Help! Help! I’m being microaggressed!

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1 Response to Puncturing the Narrative

  1. Gaius says:

    A small nitpick, and I realize that you didn’t write it, but “Jesus is Lord” in Latin would be “Iesus Dominus” or “Iesus est Dominus” (the present indicative forms of “to be” can be omitted in Latin). “Iesum Dominum” is the accusative form (the object form), whereas we need the nominative (subject form) here. Just like the difference between “he” (subject form) and “him” (object form), Latin changes the forms of all nouns (and adjectives) to indicate whether they are the subject or direct object of the sentence (unlike English where only pronouns change form).

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