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Peter Boghossian’s Atheism Course

Militant atheist Jerry Coyne recently spoke of  Peter Boghossian: Peter also teaches an “Atheism” class and a separate “New Atheism” class, both of which are wildly popular: they have to turn students away. That’s a good sign, and most of … Continue reading

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Mythers vs. Sam Harris

Instead of complaining that mainstream scholars don’t embrace Mytherism, the Mythers should be concerned that they have yet to convince all the New Atheists. Over at, Harris’s spirituality book is promoted as follows: Waking Up is for the twenty percent … Continue reading

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Trying to Defend Sam Harris

Militant atheist Jerry Coyne recently promoted an article by militant atheist Jeffrey Taylor.  The shared theme was to defend militant atheist Sam Harris (something Coyne apparently discussed with militant atheist Peter Boghossian). Coyne’s defense of Harris is pathetic.  He complains: … Continue reading

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The Problem With Mythers

The Mythers have a problem – the community of mainstream scholars is not impressed by their arguments and claims.  The problem is made worse in that the Mythers have been peddling their case for over a century now.  So it’s … Continue reading

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Street Epistemologists Get Their Needed Crutch

About three years ago, John Loftus excitedly reviewed Peter Boghossian’s silly book as follows: Peter Boghossian’s new brilliant book will change our nomenclature and effectiveness in disabusing believers of their faith. His book will definitely change the religious landscape. Nomenclature … Continue reading

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New Atheist Leader Comes Out as a Myther

On April 17th, Jerry Coyne wrote: I’m pretty much of the opinion that there’s no strong evidence for the claim that Jesus was a historical person around whom the Jesus myths (obviously false) accreted. In other words, I’m a mythicist. … Continue reading

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The Face of Pastafarianism

For some reason, there seem to be a significant number of atheists out there who get some meaning in life by impersonating religious people.  A good example are the atheists who pretend to believe in a Flying Spaghetti Monster.  One … Continue reading

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Neil Degrasse Tyson has a problem with the truth

We have already seen that Neil Degrasse Tyson likes to make up stories and repeat them as facts. What’s more, he seems to be a constant source of biological misinformation, even to the point of propagating the myth that bats are … Continue reading

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The Universe Could be a Simulation and It’s Creator Just Can’t Be God(!)

From Scientific American: If you, me and every person and thing in the cosmos were actually characters in some giant computer game, we would not necessarily know it. The idea that the universe is a simulation sounds more like the … Continue reading

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