Woman Who Accused Richard Carrier of Sexual Harassment Seeking Help to Defend Herself Against His Lawyers

From the GoFundMe page:

Amy Frank is a neurobiology student at Arizona State University. Last year, she helped host a campus event, featuring Dr. Richard Carrier.  Soon after the event, Amy reported that Dr. Carrier made several romantic and sexual advances toward her.  In her own words,

“During the course of the night, Dr. Carrier brought up having sexual relations with my husband and I. He told me that he was disappointed that my husband wouldn’t let me just have sex with him, but that’d he’d be willing to have my husband involved. My husband quickly fell asleep after arriving [at a friend’s] house. Dr. Carrier kept whispering to me how my husband wasn’t awake and wouldn’t be for a while (insinuating that he wouldn’t know if we did something inappropriate)…He repeatedly pointed out the fact that’d he had a vasectomy and how it much it increased his sexual performance.

“Dr. Carrier made me feel very uncomfortable. He is very charming so he did not scare me at first, but he got increasingly creepy throughout the night. He is very obsessed with his sex life and has no problem sharing it with students, and trying to involve them in it. I would never feel okay going to another speaking event of his, or being in a private setting with him again. I think it would be unfair to his future female audiences to not say something about his actions. If something happened, I would feel partially at fault for not reporting his behavior.”

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4 Responses to Woman Who Accused Richard Carrier of Sexual Harassment Seeking Help to Defend Herself Against His Lawyers

  1. itsonlyphotos says:

    (formerly UpstateIslandersFan) it’s been a while since I posted here. I like to believe in at least allowing the accused to defend themselves, so it’s pretty understable that this guy would get layers (I’m sure he thinks he’s smarter than they are, though). Nevertheless, Carrier seems like such an arrogant creep that I think it’s entirely within the realm of possibility this is pretty much true.

  2. Michael says:

    I’m inclined to think her story is closer to the truth.

    Carrier has made it clear in his myriad of blog posts that he is obsessed with having sex. He even used his blog to solicit a “date.”
    Carrier has made it clear that he often “politely” asks for sex after talking with a young woman he just met at one of the atheist meet-ups.
    There is a good chance they were drinking at this get-together.

    Carrier’s version makes him sound completely innocent, but his intial account about leaving FtB made it sound like he was doing it for their good:

    But I do not want FreethoughtBlogs or its mission to be compromised by having to devote resources to defending me or vetting claims or choosing sides….I have therefore decided it’s best for me to move my blog content to my own domain where I can operate independently and take all the heat myself, now and in future. Accordingly I have moved my blog here to my own website.

    Yet he now claims him being suspened is part of his suit against FtB.

    Of course, there is the new claim he has had a vesectomy. Has he? I suppose it would make sense given his polyamorphous lifestyle. If he has had one, it would be believeable that he used this just as Amy said he did.

    Look, why bother with lawyers? What we clearly need is a Bayesian analysis!

  3. stcordova says:

    Bayesian Analysis. LOL! Fwiw, I thought Richard at least sounded more credible if for no other reason than his command of the English language, otherwise he’s a far more skillful liar than I give him credit for. For all we know everyone involved is stretching the truth for their own ends.

    I guess it’s in my nature to try to take someone’s account of things at face value. But the problem is all sides so far sounded credible to me. What does Amy Frank have to gain by lying? So Carrier sounds more credible with his command of language, but Frank has more reason to tell the truth as a matter of conscience, she has nothing to gain by lying unless it is to appease her boyfriend. I don’t know, I have no dog in this fight. I do hope though there was no groping or physical coercion involved. That would be really bad. Carrier just being creepy with words is no crime, but don’t let him be around you or anyone you care for.

  4. I’m not really surprised a scandal like this has come along. When you have a movement which uses their freedom from fusty old kill-joy religious rules about sex as one of their main selling points, it stands to reason that you’d get a disproportionate number of creeps and sex-obsessives looking to join.

    What does Amy Frank have to gain by lying?

    I guess there’s the chance to get her proverbial five minutes of fame. People have done and said much weirder things in the past to get themselves talked about.

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