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After School Satan Sounds Like More Atheist Trolling

Militant atheist activist Hemant Mehta writes: Still Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia is home to a (Christian) Good News Club. And since Fred Mephisto, the head of the local chapter of The Satanic Temple, is a graduate of the same … Continue reading

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What happened to the Reason Whisperer?

From January 9, 2014: It’s possible to talk people out of faith and into reason. The proposed program will show viewers how to do just that. Dr. Peter Boghossian, author of the best selling book, A Manual for Creating Atheists, … Continue reading

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Atheists Claim to Have Suffered Great Harm From….Seeing An Image

According to the lawsuit filed by the FFRF, four atheists in Lehigh County (all members of the FFRF),  are suffering “irreparable harm” because of a 70+ year old government seal. I kid you not: As a result of the actions … Continue reading

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More Evidence the New Atheist Movement is Collapsing

Sarah Paquette, a former student of Peter Boghossian, and someone involved in promoting the app that tells atheists what to say when they are debating, makes an interesting admission half-way through an otherwise boring interview: At 10:30, she says the … Continue reading

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Atheos: The App That Tries to Control Atheist Incivility

As we all know, New Atheists have long had a problem with civility.  Whether it’s Richard Dawkins encouraging his followers to mock religious people, who he routinely attacks as “faith-heads,” or Sam Harris and Jerry Coyne trying to thwart Francis … Continue reading

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The FFRF’s Vacuous Case Against Lehigh County’s Seal

The militant atheist activist group, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has filed a federal lawsuit against Lehigh County (in Pennsylvania) because of the county’s seal.  Here is what the seal looks like: The cross in the center has outraged the … Continue reading

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The Mind of a New Atheist

In the comments section, New Atheist Stardusty Pysche taunts me into providing evidence for the existence of God: you cannot state what your supposed evidence is, so you only dance around the subject with endless excuses as to why you … Continue reading

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How the Atheist Activist Community Works

While the Atheist Activist community sells itself as a group of people who place priority on evidence and critical thinking, the community instead thrives by peddling propaganda and negative stereotypes about religious people.  Activist Hemant Mehta effectively admitted this when … Continue reading

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More Changes in the Activist Atheist Community

About 5-6 few weeks ago, Richard Carrier made this public on his blog: In terms of public facts: I am not an employee of either Camp Quest or the SSA, or any of their affiliates. Nor am I on their boards … Continue reading

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Vampire as Victim

From here: A man who lives as a vampire has said he “just wants to be treated like everyone else.” Darkness Vlad Tepes, who said he had been living as a vampire for 13 years, sleeps in a custom made-to-measure … Continue reading

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