Looks Like Yet Another Atheist Conference is Cancelled

According to atheist activist Seth Andrews:

If you’ve purchased tickets for the Detroit conference weekend October 28-30:
Melissa Pugh, one of the speakers close to the event, has informed me that Great Lakes Reasonfest 2016 isn’t going to happen. Alarmingly, I had to get this information from Pugh, as no official word from GLR has come.

The site and social media pages have been dormant. No arrangements have been made for speaker travel/hotel. And I’ve been personally unsuccessful in making contact with GLR’s people.

It’s confusing, because GLR’s website (and ticket sales page) is still up, giving the impression that there’s a Detroit event to be attended.


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5 Responses to Looks Like Yet Another Atheist Conference is Cancelled

  1. Dhay says:

    On 29 September someone handled ‘Great Lakes Reasonfest’ posted on FaceBook:

    I would advise strongly that until a word comes out from Kimberly here about the conference to NOT buy any tickets and do not make any plans to attend.

    This is someone who was also involved in planning ‘Gateway to Reason’:

    I note this portion of their post:

    This year has been a very bad year for atheist events and maybe they will rebound, maybe they will regroup, I hope so.

    But when I see almost every city in American with churches filled weekly with thousands of people in them and we cannot get small regional conferences to happen. I have to ask, why is that?


    This is the ordinary atheist under-berg of the all-conquering New Atheism which will collide with and sink the titanic forces of Islamic extremism, is it.

  2. Dhay says:

    If you look up at the top of the EventBrite page, you’ll find “Event Ended”


    That’s echoed on the Description (‘View Details’) page. The description is:

    Gateway To Reason II is well under way in the planning stage and will be bigger and better than the first event. With more almost 30 speakers lined up, the event features bigger names and more space and more fun and more of what made Gateway to Reason so good the first time. Do not risk missing out, the event is growing this year and we have been able to keep the tickets low for your convenience. …

    Speakers include Nathan Phelps, Vyckie Garrison, David Smalley, George Hrab, Noelle George, Matt Dillahunty, Melissa Pugh, David McAfee, Ryan Bell, Rebecca Hensler, Steve Hill, Faisail Saeed Al Mutar, and many more

    With the success of the first Gateway to Reason, demands for tickets will be high and selling out is likely like last year. The VIP event …


    Hope (and advertising puffery) springs eternal.

  3. But when I see almost every city in American with churches filled weekly with thousands of people in them and we cannot get small regional conferences to happen. I have to ask, why is that?

    The purely rational man will not marry, the purely rational soldier will not fight. CS Lewis also warned about the Men Without Chests. Reason is like the steering wheel on a car. It is great for guidance and direction, but cannot be a substitute for the fuel to push it forward.

    In all my life, I’ve seen one atheist who got it. He was… an interesting sort.

  4. Pam says:

    Wow. You godly types are prwtty desperate. Go read some stuff at Pew. Religious faithvis in a state of partial collapse.

  5. Kevin says:

    Thanks for your non contribution. Feel free to make relevant comments during your stay.

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