Is the Muskogee Atheist Community Slipping Away into the Memory Hole?

Remember when the internet atheist community, led by “friendly” atheist activist Hemant Mehta, decided to target and harass an orphanage?  Recall that the harassment was done in the name of The Muskogee Atheist Community.   At the time, I pointed out there was no evidence such a community existed. 

Keli Wilbourn showed up to inform us:

Lol! Our MAC page is a secret Facebook group in fact. For obvious reasons…We are working on a Web page. It is still under construction. We have a twitter. @MuskogeeAC if you were wondering…just fyi.

Well, over 6 weeks have passed since Wilborn’s comment.  How’s that web page coming along?

Dhay informed us of their progress and it turns out that the domain for the web page that was supposedly “under contruction” has been suspended.

As Dhay notes,

The executive summary is that someone registered the web page, but then didn’t confirm contact and ownership details, ignoring the prompting email asking for the confirmation of details. After 15 days this “suspension” page was put up as a further reminder, complete with the opportunity to get that prompting email re-sent.

Fifty days after registering the domain, the owner has not done anything with the website; indeed, it is now thirty five days since the suspension notice appeared, so with all that’s necessary to remove the suspension notice being to click the link in the email, it seems certain that the owner hasn’t even looked at the site since registering it.

So no, there wasn’t a Muskogee Atheist Community website and despite brief indications that one had been registered and would possibly soon be under development, they haven’t even bothered to complete the registration formalities.

And if they haven’t taken a simple, indeed trivial step to complete the formalities, even after 50 days, I’d say they probably never will.

The Muskogee Atheist Community, whatever and however many people that is, don’t intend to have a website; registering a domain was purely for display purposes.

That’s certainly how it looks.  But maybe they’ve been providing updates on their Twitter page.

LOL!  Think again.

Their Twitter page was set up on Aug 24th and they posted 2 tweets and 2 retweets.  At the time, they had 16 followers.  Seven weeks later and… more tweets.  Not one.  Zero, zilch, nada.  And they have acquired a whopping increase of 2 followers since then.

If we consider just the evidence, it’s as if the Muskogee Atheist Community briefly came into existence for the sole purpose of harassing an orphanage.  Maybe they are following in the footsteps of Sam Harris’s failed think tank.


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One Response to Is the Muskogee Atheist Community Slipping Away into the Memory Hole?

  1. Dhay says:

    Another week, still the same: domain suspended, activation not completed.

    As regards Project Reason, it closed its website long ago — but what has happened to the Project Reason charity; does anyone know?

    And what has happened to its funds.

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