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Do Atheist Activists Suffer from Christophobia?

Christians are constantly being accused of Islamophobia, homophobia, and transphobia.  Yet you have to wonder just how many of these accusations are rooted in Christophobia. What is a phobia?  The dictionary defines it “as an extreme or irrational fear of … Continue reading

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Fragile or Dishonest?

This is an old news story, but something I just read today thanks to RegualLegna’s link: there’s one showdown brewing that distinguishes itself from the rest — atheists’ demands that a cross found in the rubble following the September 11, … Continue reading

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Is New Atheism Incompatible with Transgenderism?

A popular claim among the New Atheists is that religion is incompatible with science.  Of course, I have debunked that claim several times now, so why not proceed to more interesting issues?  That is, consider the possibility that the New … Continue reading

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Where would atheist activists be without their double standards?

Danielle Muscato is spokesperson for American Atheists and claims to be a woman.  But back when Danielle was Dave, he had this to say about religion and religious people: Religion is so dangerous. I want to wake people up. I … Continue reading

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Atheist Beliefs Without Evidence

So I was browsing around the internet the other morning and ran across a story entitled, Woman’s Epic Anti-Trump Twitter Rant Goes Viral: But one woman was not having any of it. Danielle Muscato — who describes herself as an … Continue reading

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A Critical Look at Common Atheist Talking Points

Atheist blogger Kevin Davis attended a Lifetree Café gathering at a Lutheran church where the topic of discussion was atheism.  Davis was annoyed by something: The next discussion question: What is the attraction to atheism?  This one bothered me. I … Continue reading

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Another Bold Gnu Prediction

Atheist activist and blogger John Loftus has yet another book out arguing that philosophy of religion should be banished. AFAICT, his argument boils down to this: God is no different from a fairy There is no philosophy of fairies. Therefore, … Continue reading

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