Church Vandalized with Atheist Memes

Four churches in Iceland were vandalized with anti-religious and anti-God graffiti:

Vulgar and blasphemous messages were spray-painted on the walls of Akureyri Church, North Iceland, overnight, according to RÚV. The incident has been reported to police.

Svavar Alfreð Jónsson, minister at the church, was shocked to see what had been done, but a funeral is planned at the church today. Svavar posted pictures of the vandalism on his Facebook page this morning. Both the front and south sides of the church were spray-painted in numerous places.

Some of the messages included  “Religion is slavery” and  “God is a cunt.”


We can’t say for sure that atheists did this, but I would not be surprised given the hateful nature of the atheist movement’s anti-religious rhetoric over the years.  For example, the vandal’s message that “Religion is slavery” is essentially the same message the FFRF tried to spread with the Christmas season signs: “Religion is but myth and superstition that burdens our hearts and enslaves our minds.”

Actvist Hemant Mehta is the only atheist activist to have denounced this, but his criticism is quite meek, brief, and mild and probably exists only because someone on twitter goaded him into it.


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8 Responses to Church Vandalized with Atheist Memes

  1. I’ve condemned this.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve condemned this.

    Jeff, I don’t consider you a New Atheist or atheist activist. In fact, I’m confident the vast majority of criticisms I post here don’t apply to you.

  3. Regual Llegna says:

    In the image we see that they spray-paint a piramid that says, front up to bottom: GOD – PROPHET- PRIEST – PUBLIC. So these people were more certanly atheists/anti-theists, because the muslims will use the word Allah and some alegory, most christians will not put prophet above priest or use the word prophet in this times age and why the use of the word public? and the bottom part says DIE, the scalation of the piramid says PRAY as if praying is the thing that make this fictional hierarchy and in recent times secularists activist care that much about hierarchy structures to single the ruling/oppresing class.

    Note: I have to say “God is a cunt.” implaying God gender… RRREEEEEE!… certanly those people are stupids SJWs.

  4. TFBW says:

    This is not your average piece of vandalism. The slogan to the right of the door says, “God good / Satan Bad / Hegelian Dialectic”. This is a really obscure reference, not likely to mean anything to most people. The context in which it makes the most sense, as far as I’m aware, is the Marxist doctrine of Dialectical Materialism. Whoever chose those words is very likely a student (and disciple) of hard-core Marxism. This is not likely to be a troll, because trolls try to be obvious in order to solicit a negative response, whereas this will only solicit a “WTF?” from most people.

  5. stcordova says:

    So much for the power of atheist evidence and reason….

  6. pennywit says:

    WTF? If you’re in a country that executes or imprisons atheists, I’m all for graffiti and vandalism as as political protest. But Iceland is not that country.

  7. Mechanar says:

    Using the new atheist logic all atheists in past present and future are to blame for this

  8. FZM says:

    We can’t say for sure that atheists did this, but I would not be surprised given the hateful nature of the atheist movement’s anti-religious rhetoric over the years.

    This is a bit of a tangent but the graffiti and the mention of Marxism got me thinking…

    Say an atheist believed various common New Atheist claims about theistic belief, for example:

    Those who hold theistic beliefs are delusional and suffering from mental illness
    Theistic religion is a virus of the mind and believers are infected

    And various of the claims to the effect that theistic belief is evil, harmful and dangerous to both believers and others.

    How might someone who held these views justify permitting freedom of religion, freedom to publish and distribute religious/theistic literature and a prohibition on using coercion and direct action against theistic religion (provided it remains proportionate with preventing the harm that theistic belief can cause)? If an individual held those views it would seem natural and rational for them to believe that strong action of the kinds I just mentioned to limit the harm that widespread delusion/infection causes would either be justified or was some kind of moral duty.

    I remembered that Bukharin and Preobrazhensky had addressed a point like this in their ‘ABC of Communism’, a work written in the first few years of the Soviet regime, and mainly advised against direct action against religious belief on the grounds that it would be counterproductive and would actually increase believers attachment to their faith. So the objection was tactical, not on the basis of any moral or ethical principles. This was rational given their views on religious belief.

    I don’t know if any other explanation/justification would really be available to a New Atheist who held the kind of views I set out above seriously?

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