Sociologist Advocates Violence

Katherine Cross describes herself as a “Sociologist, Transfeminist, Gaming Critic, Opera-loving slug matron, and itinerant Valkyrie.”  How wonderful.  She also advocates for violence in a blog essay entitled, “Why Punching Nazis Is Not Only Ethical, But Imperative.

You can read the essay for yourself, but it essentially boils down to this: To prevent Nazis from taking over the United States and putting everyone else in concentration camps, we have a moral duty to punch them because that will prevent them from taking over.

It’s remarkable how a “sociologist” can so easily cede the moral high ground to neo-nazis, of all people.  For the glaring fact that stares us all in the face is this –  the one who is calling for acts of violence in order to censor speech is……Katherine Cross (along with other far Left extremists, like atheist activist Dan Arel).

Of course, there is where the “end justifies the means” approach itself typically ends.  Censorship and physical violence (the means) are justified to thwart the Coming Dystopia (the end).  Yet, once we have made reason a slave to our fears, and find ourselves traveling down this road, one has to wonder where it all stops.

For one thing, extreme Leftists like Cross have a long habit of labeling anyone who disagrees with their ideology as “Nazis.”  Thus, we have a built in argument for physically assaulting anyone whom Cross and her ilk perceive to be like Nazis.

And why stop with punching.  Why not “shoot a Nazi?”  The very same ends-justify-the-means argument used to rationalize punching would work nicely with shooting Nazis.  What’s that you say?  Too extreme? Hmmmm.  Okay, okay, why not just “stab a Nazi?”

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One Response to Sociologist Advocates Violence

  1. stcordova says:

    Katherine Cross is a TRANS-feminist. Does this mean she thinks that men who are disgusted by trans “women” (aka males pretending to be females) are Nazi’s? Should the teen males in the following story be punched for rejecting a trans “woman”?

    The report (which you can google):

    “Don’t want to bang a trap? You’re an evil bigot

    Transgender teens Claire, Devon, Arin and Katie have set out to expose the harsh reality of modern, teen relationships.

    Appearing in a new BBC Three documentary, Young, Trans and Looking for Love, they let viewers see a glimpse of their lives as they struggle to find love.

    The doc shows the moment Claire, from Virginia, meets a guy that she likes, only to be rejected by him as soon as he finds out she was born a boy.

    the commentary on this story

    “Wait. Y-you’re trying to t-tell me…. If a boy pretends to be a girl and then tricks straight boy, the straight boy might not be cool with the fact that the imposter is actually a boy?

    How on earth could this level of bigotry have even arisen in this world? Surely, it’s those evil right-wingers like Trump to blame. I even heard the rumor that he only f-cks women with actual wombs. We must transcend this sexual ignorance. #LynchTrump2016”

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