Politics and Kids

Another dime-a-dozen protest occurred at the University of Chicago.

Ah, yes.  Politically indoctrinating children to engage in symbolic acts of violence.

According to New Atheist logic, this is child abuse.

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5 Responses to Politics and Kids

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m fascinated that all these protesters seem to think they are engaging in reasonable behavior that will result in change they want.

  2. Regual Llegna says:

    I remember that in november 9, 2016, they burn a Big Trump Head and i was thinking when you have the time to biuld that if you think that Trump will lose (4% for Trump to 96% for Hillary “Very Fake News”).

    And there is Sweden and Co. (The gnu atheists uptopian example, the most atheists countries), they are soooooo smart that they invite in unvetted inmigrants to their countries from civil war countries with terror groups that hate, that really hate the western countries, and now they are the rape capitals of the western world (But the mayority of the “refugees” come from North Africa, the Muslim World North Africa). And all for the virtude signaling and for avoid the shame of being “racists”, and Sweden is definely a “white” countrie.

    That is the present truth of the socio-polical spectrum.
    The religious far right don’t exist anymore and they were right about the far left socio-cultural and extreme realtivists objetives.

  3. TFBW says:

    According to New Atheist logic, this is child abuse.

    If you make a claim like that, unsupported by context, newcomers turn up and assume that you are some sort of nut-job.

    In any case, the claim appears to be based on the premise that New Atheists behave in a manner which is derived from basic principles and the application of logic. I challenge that premise.

  4. Tim'L says:

    Back during George W Bush’s presidency there was a news story about how Pearl Jam had an effigy of Bush on stage that they were beating. If I recall correctly most of the news coverage of it was something like “This is how democracy works” or “Free speech in action”.
    Back then I really had no concern for politics. I thought it was odd that someone would hate a president that much to do that, but oh well.

    Then during Obama’s presidency there was a rodeo clown that wore an Obama mask. And the news coverage was of this sort, “Free speech has its limits”. “When does free expression become racism”. From the same news outlets that years earlier were applauding Pearl Jam.

    Now with Trump it’s clearly permissible again to beat an effigy.

  5. Mechanar says:

    @Tim’L and its this kind of behaviour that makes people lose trust in the media and gives power to populists

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