March for Science Partner Claims Science is Biased and Prejudiced

One of the official partners of the March for Science is


We have already seen that this activist group has in the past helped to promote the anti-science posture with regard to GMOs.

But they also represent the earliest incarnations of the March for Science.

It turns out this activist group of scientists is hosting a webinar entitled, “Integrating Social Justice into Science.

The Union of Concerned Scientists inform us:

While science has led to many advances that have pushed humanity forwards, it has also disenfranchised large swaths of people due to bias and prejudice.

This, of course, is the same message of the March for Science (that it now tries to hide):

Science has historically – and generally continues to support discrimination.

So let’s get this straight.  The March for Science, and its partners, teach that science is saturated with prejudice and bigotry.  Yet they are marching to ensure that this prejudiced, biased community (according to their own words) should be able to dictate public policy.  All in a non-partisan manner, of course. 😉

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1 Response to March for Science Partner Claims Science is Biased and Prejudiced

  1. Ilíon says:

    You were maybe expecting intellectual integrity and coherence from leftists? For leftists, it’s always about power over other people’s lives and how to get more; so it doesn’t matter in the least (to them) the means by which they get that power.

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