Indoctrination at Middlebury College

In the previous blog entry, I noted

Like cultists, the demonstrators clearly demonstrate a hive mindset that was obviously generated through indoctrination.  In fact, they are so deeply indoctrinated that they work themselves into a religious frenzy with the messages of their own chants (as the speaker says nothing).

When I mention that the protesters have been indoctrinated, I’m not trying to score debate points to plays to my fellow skeptics.  I think what we have here is truly a nice example of indoctrination.  Let’s consider the evidence.

First, if you watch the video, you’ll notice the protesters are all very young.  I would guess the average age to be around 20.  This simply means the protesters are not protesting on the basis of decades of life experience.  The majority of their life experience has consisted of parents housing, feeding, and nurturing them.  They are in the very beginning stages of becoming an adult and having to fend for themselves.

Second, it costs about $61,000 a year to attend Middlebury College, meaning a four year degree is costing them a quarter of a million dollars.  It’s difficult to believe anyone who can afford to spend a quarter of a million dollars is the victim of serious oppression. Especially when most (probably all) of them were given the money to attend the school. Only people of privilege are afforded this luxury.

Third, given their extreme emotional reaction to Charles Murray, it is safe to assume no there is no course that has students buy and read his books.  And without such a requirement, we can further safely assume that most of the students have never read any of his books.

So let’s add this up.  The student protesters clearly demonstrate groupthink, all chanting in unison.  They even chant, multiple times, that “White Privelege” is the “Enemy.”  Yet they do so without having much life experience, plus with having the ability to afford a quarter of a million dollar education, plus without ever having read anything by Charles Murray.  How does one then explain the group think?  How did they all come to literally read off the same page?

The most likely explanation is indoctrination.  Not a lengthly life experience of being oppressed (as evidenced by their age and ability to spend so much money). Not a careful and considered reaction to reading the arguments of the man whom they protested. Indoctrination.  The students have likely been programmed parents, teachers, and professors to embrace the cult of social justice.

Finally, again let me point out how the protesters worked themselves into a frenzy. Charles Murray said nothing at the podium to inflame them or agitate them.  They inflamed and agititated themselves.  This was all part of the ritual.  By chanting their slogans and clapping their hands, the ritual was designed to increasingly arouse the type of emotions need to shut down the speech of the Evil One, even to the point of relying on physical intimidation and violence.

What happened at Middlebury College was not some “protest.”  Look more closely, as it’s time to move past that superficial consideration.  It was a ritual rooted in indoctrination. This is what secular religion looks like.

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6 Responses to Indoctrination at Middlebury College

  1. TFBW says:

    Secular religion indeed: they are demanding the expulsion of a heretic from their hallowedsecular sanctuary. His views are beyond the pale, and there they must stay. They will not tolerate such attempts to corrupt their pure orthodoxy.

    Some of the middle-aged generation are acting all shocked at this development in the youth. I’m not so surprised: the middle-aged crowd have embraced the rhetoric of labelling politically incorrect views as “hate speech”, while largely clinging to the old-fashioned ideal of free speech. The younger crowd are just taking it a natural step further, and rejecting the idea that hate speech is tolerable. “Your message. Is Hatred. We will not tolerate it.” (repeat until offender is denied a platform).

    One wonders if the younger crowd is also going to start taking the “religion is child abuse” rhetoric of the older New Atheist crowd a little too seriously as well. I guess that’s going to take longer to pan out, because the religious fervour is mostly confined to the home turf of the campus at this point, where child-rearing is not a thing.

  2. Regual Llegna says:

    From the Bible:
    Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.”

    “…that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you.”

    Certainly indoctrinated, indoctrinated to detest and hate any other point of view than theirs, indoctrinated to feel shame and deny the achievements and culture, in any form, of their parents, mothers and ancestors. They are indoctrinated to see enemies in people with white skin from the USA and Europen and their ancestors: soldiers and parents (usually males), nationalists and people that want safety above all for their families, republicans and conservatives, european colonizers and the european monarchs, romans people rules and Catholics (for they that means anything that represent christianity), greeks and their philosophers, etc…

    But if you feel shame, hate or loathe your past, your family and your ancestors and what they represent and they gave you to you, you deny the reasons why you exist, your existence then becomes the source of disgust or guilt that you throw to yourself.

    About gnus atheists and religion:
    – One of the biggest mistakes, that any person can see, of the gnus atheists is that they want all religion to disappear or to become a “Happyology” that not affect people lifes in any way except to make them happy on a banal level and is totally controled by their sociologists and openly materialists (gnus atheists SCIENCE tm).

  3. mechanar says:

    the free though army strikes again!

  4. Tim'L says:

    Hey Mike, have you had a chance to read Ed Feser’s article on Meta-Bigotry? It’s pretty good.

  5. stcordova says:

    It seems there is a money motive behind some of the indoctrination, just like I see with some Christian televangelists. [btw, I’m a Christian, nothing against Christians, but some of these money hounding televangelists are scary.]

    “Dees also started a nonprofit, which he named the Southern Poverty Law Center. But he gave up neither the high life nor the direct-mail business. He lives in luxury with his fifth wife and still runs the SPLC, which has used the mail-order model to amass a fortune. Its product line is an unusual one: For the past 47 years, Morris Dees has been selling fear and hate.

    Today, the center boasts a treasury of more than $300 million, the richest civil rights group in the country.

    Such labeling has consequences, which became clear in August 2012 when a gay rights activist named Floyd Lee Corkins entered the lobby of the Family Research Council armed with a 9mm handgun and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. The gun was for killing as many Christians as he could, although he only managed to wound a guard. The sandwiches? He was going to rub them in the faces of his murder victims. Corkins had heard that a Chick-fil-A executive express opposition to gay marriage. Why the Family Research Council? He told police that the Southern Poverty Law Center had labeled it “a hate group.”

  6. TFBW says:

    That’s quite an interesting article, stcordova. Following the money in SJW circles leads to a different sort of entity than it does in New Atheism.

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