Another day, another SocJus Ritual

It’s in a different country (Canada), at a different university (McMaster Univerisity), and involves a different speaker (psychologist Jordan Peterson).  Here is Peterson’s description from YouTube:

All this video from the “panel discussion” at McMaster University Friday March 17th 2017. Three other panel members dropped out because of controversy and harassment. Then the moderator also dropped out. Overcome The Gap (OTG), the McMaster club who hosted me went forward courageously with the talk, despite experiencing substantial pressure to cancel. They did their best to regulate the event, but the protestors entered the room before the event technically started.

The video opens with protestors chanting their various chants. Then, for about 45 minutes, I try to speak inside the venue. The fire marshalls have to close the talk because the protestors won’t leave, and are blocking the fire exits. So we go outside, where I spoke for about 40 more minutes, with a ring of students surrounding me, and the protestors at the periphery. This section begins with a short video of the protestors, switches to my talk, and ends with a long shot of the outside crowd (and some closing photos).

Despite the differences, note the striking similarities in this ritual compared to the one at Middlebury College.   Once again, dozens of very young devotees show up at a speech to “protest.”  They immediately disrupt it with chanting in unison.  Interestingly enough, this ritual adds percussion instruments.  Such instruments have a long history of being used in religious rituals.  As they shout their incantation-like chants, the purpose is to “shut down” the speech from the Evil One. It’s something akin to a secular exorcism.

What’s striking about the SocJus religion is their smug sense of moral superiority is so heightened that they feel some sort of Moral Obligation to impose their values on others through brute, collective action.  Clearly, many people in the audience were there to hear the talk, but the SocJus cultists were there to deny them that opportunity.  In their minds, their right to protest took precedence over the speaker’s right to speak and the audience’s right to hear the speech.

BTW, is anyone surprised that a student communist organization was part of the ritual?  Communism, after all,  is humanity’s most bloody religion.

Anyway, you can watch the ritual for yourself below the fold.

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3 Responses to Another day, another SocJus Ritual

  1. stcordova says:

    Jordan Peterson and his supporters surrounded by a mob showed so much courage. That was awesome to see people not backing down from those SJW whiners.

  2. Dhay says:

    Some years ago I gave a short safety talk to new students at my local university, and during the wait beforehand asked the Porter, “These young people are all over-18’s, they’re now not children, but legally adults. How do you find they are?”

    The Porter’s reply was, “I find it best to treat them all as kids, that works very well.”

  3. mechanar says:

    because this is how democracy looks like

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