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Since when did the ham-handed approach become the smart approach?

Let’s consider the rationale behind Jerry Coyne’s self-image of being smarter than all theists simply because he is not a theist. Coyne wrote: And many public intellectuals—and virtually all accomplished scientists—are atheists. Why? Because there’s no credible evidence for God. … Continue reading

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Leading Atheist Activist Insists Theists are (somewhat) Stupid

  Atheist activist Jerry Coyne recently admitted something that was always fairly obvious: I don’t think one can be really smart and religious at the same time. Of course not.  Y’see, if you were “really smart,” you’d be an atheist. Coyne … Continue reading

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March for Science Further Marginalizes New Atheism

If you needed any further evidence that the “religion and science are incompatible” position of the New Atheists is a fringe belief, consider that the March for Science’s first official blog posting rejects it: The War on Science is partly … Continue reading

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Scientist Explains Why He Will Not Join “March for Science”

  The Mad Virologist explains why he will not participate in the March for Science.  It began on the MfS Facebook page: Imagine my surprise when I saw a comment in the group about science in the US being bought … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Witchhunt Causes Student to Commit Suicide

From here: If every other egregious example of a male student denied due process after being accused of sexual misconduct gets ignored – this one should not be. A male student who was accused of sexual harassment committed suicide just … Continue reading

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Just Another Wacky Social Scientist

I will also repeat what is evident to impartial observers, that Trump’s Republicanism stands in a continuity with Fascism. — Lars Maischak (@LarsMaischak) 10 April 2017 … and that historical precedent suggests that a death sentence is inevitable, if democracy … Continue reading

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Why the Left Will Lose to the Regressive Left

  Helen Pluckrose  recently wrote an article entitled, HOW FRENCH “INTELLECTUALS” RUINED THE WEST: POSTMODERNISM AND ITS IMPACT, EXPLAINED.  Pluckrose is “a researcher in the humanities who focuses on late medieval/early modern religious writing for and about women.   She is … Continue reading

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It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

A third speech was recently shut down by screaming social justice warriors, illustrating that the radical, secular Left’s disdain for free speech is an inherent component of their ideology. A throng of angry protesters converged at Claremont McKenna College on … Continue reading

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Post-Modernists Attack Biology

From the article, No, Kevin D. Williamson, sex is not a biological reality, by  Samantha Allen, a doctoral fellow in the Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Emory University. His simplistic claim that “sex is a biological reality” … Continue reading

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Was Madalyn Murray O’Hair Mentally Ill?

Is it possible that Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the pioneering atheist activist, was actually mentally ill? One of the ways to detect mental illness is by indirectly detecting it through its effects on the family.  With that in mind, consider the following … Continue reading

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