More Postmodern Attacks on Science

One of the things we learned from the March for Science is that if you cut funding to science, you are anti-science.  Well, according to that definition, we now have more evidence that the social justice warriors are anti-science. From Ottawa to pull research chair funding unless diversity issue addressed at universities:

The federal granting councils that award the prestigious Canada Research Chairs say universities must offer up more diverse candidates for the honour or they will lose their funds.

Directors of the program, which sends out $265-million every year across 1,600 researchers, say new measures unveiled on Thursday would help to address the chronic underrepresentation of women, Indigenous people, those with disabilities and visible minorities among the award’s ranks. For example, only 28 per cent of chairholders at large universities are women, and they are more likely to be in the bottom of the program’s two funding tiers.

Under the new rules, postsecondary institutions have until Dec. 15 to create an action plan on how to achieve more diversity among their candidates, and then they have another 18 to 24 months to ensure the demographics of those given the awards reflect the demographics of those academics eligible to receive them.

In the postmodern world,  the most important aspect of scientific research is the researcher’s skin color and gender.  But why I am not surprised that Kirsty Duncan, the Canadian Science Minister imposing such “diversity” through threats of slashing funds, has a history of promoting crank science?


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4 Responses to More Postmodern Attacks on Science

  1. Ilíon says:

    In the postmodern world, the most important aspect of scientific research is the researcher’s skin color and gender.

    The word is ‘sex’, not ‘gender’. People come in sexes; two, specifically, Words — in many languages other than English — come in genders.

    Using the word ‘gender’ when you mean ‘sex’ is allowing the SJW and other leftists to colonize your mind.

  2. Kevin says:

    I also refuse to use the term “cisgender”. I’m a man, period.

  3. Ilíon says:

    ^ Exactly. Furthermore, I am a man, not merely a ‘male’ (as in “[insert any of various leftist epithets] white male”).

  4. Regual Llegna says:

    Exreme ideologies that contain relativism, in is dogma (base statement of truth or a truth, the thinking that made the idelogy or system workable), will every time attack any concept that requires objectivism to work.

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