New Video on Evergreen State Crackpots and Snowflakes

Check out this video.  You’re going to love the interview with the university president, who doesn’t strongly object to being called a white supremicist.  And then there is the angry snowflake student and her oh so predictable talking points:

But the snowflake does raise an interesting point.  If we take Jerry Coyne’s ideas about determinism and responsibility, can we indeed say that Weinstein is responsible for the angry pushback the snowflakes talk about?

lol-clip-art-cliparts-co-lol-clip-art-1600_1207BTW, Evergreen’s response to all this is to launch a new master’s program in social justice. 



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8 Responses to New Video on Evergreen State Crackpots and Snowflakes

  1. stcordova says:

    Naima Lowe is a nutjob faculty member at Ever Green State. Watch bully a white professor:

    Here is her faculty bio:

  2. TFBW says:

    Most of these students probably didn’t have personality disorders before going to college. Whose agenda is served by making people mentally ill like this? You can’t have a functional democracy when half your “educated” people have personality disorders.

    Right … so I answered my own question: the agenda of those who hate democracy and want to overthrow it is served.

  3. stcordova says:

    Here is another video with more coverage of the student nut jobs and Naima Lowe:

  4. stcordova says:

    More video of the student regressive left-wing Maoist, Stalinists, intersectional feminazis. It opens up with the documentation of anti-Asian racisim being practiced by universities:

  5. TFBW says:

    And now we have Antifa action on campus, sure as night follows day.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the fourth of July antics are going to be especially fun this year, and I don’t mean at Evergreen specifically.

  6. stcordova says:

    As a former card-counting casino shark, I think what I see at Ever Green State parallels what I saw in the casinos as casinos fleeced society’s losers of lots of money.

    Out-of-state tuition for a BS Degree at Evergreen State is about $88,000 and a total of 5000 students. A casino boss would drool at the chance to have that many suckers in his casino at $88,000 a sucker. Evergreen state has a near 100% acceptance rate of applicants.

    So the school is state-funded. They may be a diploma mill for all we know.

    In the casino, if there was a high value patron, the casino bosses instructed their staff to tolerate all sorts of bad behavior by the patrons. The patrons might spit and insult the staff, grab and abuse the pretty waitresses. But all that would be ignored if the patron was a high value patron, a whale….

    The patrons would be provided lots of alcohol, good food, lodging in nice hotel rooms, etc. — the royal treatment, even though a lot of the suckers (ahem, patrons) were abusive misfits spiraling out of control. Casino bosses insted on treating high value customer like they were always right even when he is clearly misbehaving. The goal is to fleece him of money, to make him think he is getting something of value, not to enforce politeness.

    Should anyone be proud of a degree from Evergreen State? The school takes money from the students and gives something of little value in return. Predatory capitalism at it’s “best.”

    Seen from that lens, it now explains the behavior of the College president. He reminds me of the casino bosses apologizing for the bad luck and treatment of the patrons, but then laughing all the way to bank.

    Of course for me, after I took the casinos for $30,000 at the black jack tables, I was eventually kicked out. I took some solace in turning the tables on the casino bosses who were bent on fleecing me. 🙂

  7. TFBW says:

    Here’s some footage I haven’t seen before. It’s clear that George Bridges, the college president, is instrumental in promoting the cult of social justice on campus, and is not merely a victim of it.

  8. Dhay says:

    Looks like the SMBC comic strip was already aware of, or foresaw Evergreen and its like, back in 2012.

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