What Can You Do With a Social Justice Degree?

Miami University offers a Social Justice Degree.  Given the cost of attendance is about $30,000 a year, what will $120,000 get you in terms of career potential?  According to the school:

Several options exist for the Social Justice Studies major. Students in this program usually seek employment in government or business and some continue their studies in graduate school. Students in this major often assume careers as (or in) the following: activists, community organizers, public policy analysts, conflict resolution specialists, human relations workers, NGO workers, human rights groups, political campaigners, workers in environmental organizations, alternative media, human rights groups, political campaigns, religious organizations, international agencies, mediators, rights advocates, journalists, lobbyists, and community organizers.

Whoa.  You give the school 120 thousand dollars and in return you get a degree that allows you to choose a career as an activist.  Or, if you don’t like that, a community organizer (which must be a hot career given the university lists it twice). Or, you can work in “alternative media.”  I suppose that’s writing for a blog.  Those career choices don’t exactly dispel the notion that a social justice education is actually social justice indoctrination.

Anyway, when you consider all those career choices, a couple of things stand out.  Most of the “careers” depend on securing other people’s money either through donations or taxation.  Secondly, none of them pay very well.  Perhaps this helps to explain why social justice activists are always so angry and resentful.  And always interested in acquiring power to redistribute money their way.

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5 Responses to What Can You Do With a Social Justice Degree?

  1. Mechanar says:

    “Do you want fries with that?”

  2. pennywit says:

    Hm. I browsed the course catalog briefly. This major seems no better and no worse than other social-science degrees.

  3. stcordova says:

    A lot professional SJW’s are professional whiners and scapegoat artists. That’s about all they’re good for. It’s not in the financial interest of professional whiners to think rationally when it will cut their revenue and advertising stream.

    Rational coherent and substantive thinking isn’t a characteristic of professional whiners. For example, one SJW named Melissa Click wrote a “research” paper on “The Whiteness of Martha Stewart.”


    Only in SJW academia would such offscourings of intellectual BS be welcome.

  4. GRA says:

    I suppose this is a good thing. It’ll get rid of any SJW thinking and within sociology. Or maybe not. They’ll still probably flood the social sciences.

  5. GRA says:

    @ Mech: Maybe. I bet a good chuck will attend law school or enter the non-profit world.

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