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Ex-girlfriend of “pro-white” activist who organized the Unite the Right rally at Charlottesville says he is an atheist

From here: Laura Kleiner, a Democratic activist who lives in Staunton, said she dated Kessler for several months in 2013. She said Kessler was very dedicated to his liberal principles, and that he was a strict vegetarian, abstained from alcohol … Continue reading

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Post-Christian Radicalism

Peter Beinart is a contributing editor at The Atlantic and is also an associate professor of journalism and political science at the City University of New York.  Back in March, the NPR interviewed him and he made some interesting observations … Continue reading

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The Alt-Right and Atheism

I was going to comment on this, but Dhay did a better job that I would have.  So I thought I would repost his observations here: Only three days after Sarabeth Kaplin’s 13 August 2017 post on the Friendly Atheist … Continue reading

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The Overconfidence of Modern Day Atheism

In a previous posting, I noted that modern day atheism is defined by its overconfidence, lack of nuance, and lack of curiosity.  The New Atheist movement itself is merely something that naturally emerged as a means to celebrate and amplify … Continue reading

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Atheists and Ghosts

Atheist activist  David Mcafee writes: This weekend, I spoke at “Gateway to Reason,” an atheist convention in St. Louis. It was a large gathering of non-believers, including big names like Seth Andrews and David Smalley, but there was still something … Continue reading

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Elite Scientists Don’t Have Elite Reasons for Being Atheists

One of the favorite arguments in the atheist movement is to point to leading scientists and note that a majority of them are atheists. The argument is, of course, pathetic and not much different from trying to score some point … Continue reading

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The Confused Thinking of a Social Justice Atheist

Earlier I extracted the most important aspect of Phil Torres argument – modern day atheism itself is intrinsically overconfident and lacking in nuance and curiosity.  In a sense, it is rooted in the thinking level of teens. More to come … Continue reading

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You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Phil Torres wrote another article entitled, “Beyond “new atheism”: Where do people alienated by the movement’s obnoxious tendencies go from here?” He suggests what New Atheists can do to reform their movement: Others suggested that rather than retreating from the … Continue reading

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New Atheist Phil Torres Wants People to Believe He is Not a New Atheist

New Atheist Phil Torres claims he is no longer a New Atheist.  The problem?  He’s finally come to the realization that the New Atheist movement is a hate movement.  Well, when it comes to women, people of color, and Muslims, … Continue reading

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Can’t Get Their Story Straight

There really isn’t a New Atheist movement – Jerry Coyne Jerry is an indispensable asset in our movement. – Richard Dawkins Foundation  

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