When Activism Becomes Sadism

Back in June, a medical case study became public where a man went swimming five days after receiving a tattoo of a cross on his leg even though he was instructed not to do such a thing.   Because of his bad decision, the tattoo became infected by “flesh-eating” bacteria and he eventually died a horrific death.

What’s creepy about the story is the way atheist activist Hemant Mehta felt obliged to exploit his death:

A 31-year-old man who got tattoos of a crucifix and praying hands died in the worst possible way.

He ignored warnings to wait at least two weeks before going swimming and took a dip in the Gulf of Mexico five days after getting inked. That’s when the flesh-eating bacteria came…

Way to protect him, Jesus.

Word to the wise: God won’t protect you from your own idiocy. It’s not like they tattooed his ears and eyes shut. He ignored the rules and paid the ultimate price for it. I’m sure Jesus can relate.

Of course, being the experienced activist, Mehta knows how to throw red meat to his hateful readers and sure enough, many responded with sadistic glee.

On one level, there is nothing surprising about this.  Mehta, for example, is the activist who helped coordinate a hateful attack on an orphanage.  And his atheist readers have a history of going after 12 year old girls. Thus, we have  come to expect such deep-seated hate from Mehta and his horde.

But on a deeper level, even for someone as cynical as I am, it is shocking to watch this hate morph into full blown sadism.   Yes, it was a stupid decision to go swimming, especially after being instructed not to.  And given the man already had cirrhosis of the liver at age 31, it’s clear he had a history of making poor health-related decisions.  But to actually take some form of pleasure in his painful death, to actually use this example to score some silly little culture war mocking point, is a level of hate that I cannot fathom.  It shows where activism guided by tribalism can lead.

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5 Responses to When Activism Becomes Sadism

  1. TFBW says:

    So rationality. Much friendly.

  2. Mechanar says:

    the thing is that this could have happend to anybody. He was probably thinking that it already healed enough. I made a lot of stupid decisions in my life, making a turn in traffic to early, burning my food that i was cooking.

    I am truly shocked about this, I wonder why nobody on Patheos has given metha a warning or better, banned him from the website. If that is how the average new atheist feels about the death of another human being than I am even more glad that it failed so spectacularly because these ideologues are a danger to society.

  3. Frankie Lee says:

    Mehta’s brand of angry atheist activism has pretty much jumped the shark. I suspect posts like this ,and the excuse-fest about foul mouthed atheists that you referred to a week or so ago, reflect frustration over that fact.

    Quite apart from anything else, i wish he’d dump the ‘Friendly Atheist’ persona and at least do us the courtesy of being honest about his agenda.

  4. pennywit says:

    When a psychic claims he can predict the future, then goes bankrupt, I don’t mind some schadenfreude along the lines of “he should have seen it coming.” But laughing at this guy is pretty mean.

  5. stcordova says:

    ” a level of hate that I cannot fathom.”

    Personally, I think these guys are inspired by Satan. They hate each other, but especially Christians.

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