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How Many of Dawkins’ Twitter Followers are Fake?

The NYT recently uncovered that there are up to 50 million fake followers on Twitter.  And it turns out that celebrities and other public figures can easily buy tens of thousands of fake followers.  As Slate explains: It’s little surprise, … Continue reading

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Misrepresenting America

Sometimes, it is very difficult to believe Jerry Coyne was ever a scientist. Coyne writes: As evidence of America’s deep religiosity, have a look at this article by Mallory Simon from CNN (click on screenshot), which comes with a short … Continue reading

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The Turpins, polyamory, and a deterministic legal system

Jerry Coyne is once again mocking other atheist leaders for not being vocal enough in support of determinism. He is befuddled as to why Dawkins and others won’t come out and champion his old school determinism, mocking them as Scholars of … Continue reading

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Determinism Complements the Regressive Left

I have mentioned several times now that atheistic determinism and social justice ideology complement each other very well, leading me to wonder whether the embrace of determinism predisposes atheists to eventually and progressively embrace the Regressive Left. I was reminded … Continue reading

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Atheists and Science

Jerry Coyne is once again complaining that his readers don’t seem to care all that much for his science postings.  He spends significant time writing up some blog posting about a scientific finding and gets only a small handful of … Continue reading

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Activists and Social Media

Jerry Coyne was perplexed by something that is not all that difficult to understand.  He responded to an article by Jesse Singal who tries to make the case that social media is making us all dumber.   He quotes Singal: That’s … Continue reading

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Are New Atheists Wishing 2018 was Over Already?

The atheist activist community has begun the new year on the wrong foot.  First, the atheist conference designed to unite the warring factions got into a fight over the conference, causing it to be cancelled.   Then, Steven Pinker, who has … Continue reading

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Steven Pinker Reaps What He Sows

As I pointed out in the previous posting, the smear techniques being used against New Atheist Steven Pinker are just the same techniques New Atheists have been using against religious people for years.  So there is a certain element of … Continue reading

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Myers vs. Coyne

They’re at it again.  In a blog posting entitled, Surprise! Pinker smeared again by those who distort his words, atheist activist Jerry Coyne complains: There is no end of the kind of cherry-picking people will go to if they want … Continue reading

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Where Social Justice Leads

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called First They Killed My Father. Here’s a description: The film First They Killed My Father begins in 1975 Cambodia, during the rise of the Khmer Rouge. The hard-line communist regime aimed to deport an entire … Continue reading

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