Mean Atheists

Billy Graham died yesterday and the atheist activists illustrated why they’ve earned the reputation for being so mean-spirited.  On the day his death was announced, they felt the need to weigh in.

Hemant Mehta wrote:

Graham was probably as honorable as he could’ve been given the fiction he was selling. He was like a sincere, well-intentioned psychic, doing the best he could in spite of his beliefs.

He could’ve been much worse.

PZ Myers wrote:

But now he’s dead. Good. Wish it had happened a few decades earlier.

Jerry Coyne wrote:

What a waste of a life—preaching fiction and delusion to the masses. My sympathies go to his family and friends, but at least one of his sons is continuing the charade.

Basic human decency would teach us that if you can’t say something nice on the day of a person’s death, perhaps it’s best to just remain silent for that day.  But then again, basic human decency is a high bar for firebrand atheists.

Look, one of these days we’ll be reading about Richard Dawkins’s death, as he is getting up there.  Somewhere, someplace, some hardcore religious person is going to make similarly nasty comments.

And the atheist activists will gasp and be appalled.

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5 Responses to Mean Atheists

  1. unclesporkums says:

    If they didn’t have double-standards..

  2. Elvince Ager says:

    Very very very unfortunate

  3. grodrigues says:

    Reading Coyne, the practical nihilist and Free-Will denier, say “What a waste of life” is funny, very funny indeed.

  4. These guys have more akin to soulless clowns than actual people. The PZ Myer’s one especially. Couldn’t have made a better point with that last sentence.

  5. You forgot Lauren Duca

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