Prayer Triggers Internet Atheists into a Frothy Rage

Actor Chris Pratt Faces Twitter Storm After Offering This Prayer Request


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1 Response to Prayer Triggers Internet Atheists into a Frothy Rage

  1. jbsptfn says:

    I like this comment in the comments section (by Kanoodle 24):

    Quote”The responses to Chris Pratt’s tweets is further evidence of a culture that is in moral decay. When we talk about praying unto God, we are talking about the word “supplication” which means to make one’s request known. Prayer is a conversation or dialogue with God. It requires a relationship with Him through Christ. I have only heard that Pratt has confessed to be a Christ-follower, so, I believe his stance that he is a Christian based on what I have seen from him and heard. As far as the backlash he is receiving, it stems from those who don’t know Christ in the pardon of their sins. So, to those in darkness, what we as Christians do will not make sense. Prayer to the person who is in their sin, it is foolish. The belief is that, one shouldn’t pray but act. Of course, prayer should accompany action at times. However, one purpose for prayer is to receive guidance from God. So, when we pray, we do so with the earnest expectation that God hears us and that He will perform every act and promise according to His will. Prayer is never a wasted effort, unless we pray with wrong motives or we pray for something that is outside of God’s will. Outside of that, God delights in the prayers of His people, and that includes praying for those who are in their sin.”Quote

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