Still Running Hot

Matt Dillahunty has become unhinged ever since the Lawrence Krauss story broke. When he and Sam Harris tried to explain why they weren’t going to talk about the allegations in the Buzzfeed article, Matt claimed he wasn’t going to rush to judgment, but instead take the time to think about it. Well, it’s been almost a week since then and the Buzzfeed article isn’t a ten thousand word scholarly journal article loaded with technical jargon. So it isn’t quite clear why he is struggling so much with this. Of course, the social justice atheists have noticed this and have begun to pester him for his promised response on his Facebook page.

For example, one person wrote:

It is discouraging to see the time you’ve spent publicly shaming people who want to know why you worked with Krauss if you knew about the allegations. I hear this went on for nearly two decades because of scared silence. That’s very sad. It makes me wonder if atheism really has the capacity to make a better world, or if the cult of personality makes us indistinguishable, in some ways, from religious people. The lack of outrage for those Krauss allegedly hurt has disturbing effects, regardless of the reasons one may have to not have time for a public statement — just plenty of time to publicly smear the journalist who did the honorable work of bringing the allegations to light.

It’s not just about you, though. You’re apparently one of many who platformed Krauss in spite of the allegations. I just don’t want to see this happen…but I get the sense that in another 20 years, when I’m in my 50s, I’ll be reading another expose of another platformed abuser/harasser/assaulter in organized atheism, and the pattern of hurting lives will not change.

And here is Matt’s response:

Go fuck yourself. I called out someone for not respecting boundaries and now I’m calling you out for the same and for being an entitled ass who thinks I owe them something. I don’t.

As for the talk of boundaries, one of the Buzzfeed reporters contacted Matt on Feb 27. Apparently, one of their sources gave the reporter Matt’s private cell phone number and began texting him (pictures of the text exchange are seen at this link). Matt felt violated and mistakenly posted the reporter’s number.

Well, you can guess what would happen once some Matt Dillahunty fans got hold of this:

Always remember that this is the crowd that claims to be the champions of Reason and Evidence while telling us the world would be oh so much better without religion.

But hold on there. A Buzzfeed reporter contacted Matt on Feb 27 to get some comments about an interview she just did? Could Buzzfeed be working on a follow-up story about the atheist activist community?

Ol’ Matt apparently needs a time out from his fellow atheists:

For the people who expect immediate responses…you should do what I’m doing: I’m going to largely ignore Facebook, Twitter and Email for few days while I spend time with my wife and with some friends who are coming to town. February’s videos are done and I’m going to play some games, work on some crafts, and practice the “Magic and Skepticism” world tour set…which will be partially previewed at NaNoCon, in Nashville on the 17th of March.

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5 Responses to Still Running Hot

  1. Kevin says:

    It’s impressive how many atheists have gotten drunk on the Dawkins/Harris kool-aid and are literally astounded when fellow atheists behave badly. And they also attribute such bad behavior to people who believe in God, but not themselves or other atheists. A perfect example of irrational bigotry.

    New Atheism requires the abandonment of reason in order to function, but it has cleverly positioned itself as “reasonable” and “pro-science” so its adherents just assume those attributes apply to them automatically upon signing up. Every now and then one of them catches a glimmer of truth that Christians have known all along – they aren’t morally superior in any conceivable sense to those they despise – and that truth frightens them enough to lash out at their heroes, desperately seeking answers. It’s like a pathetic form of prayer

  2. Dhay says:

    In the comments in Matt Dillahunty’s FaceBook I found a link to a 2013 lousy canuck blog post entitled “Sexual harassment accusations in the skeptical and secular communities: a timeline of major events”:

    Names, quotes and links. Sexual harassment by the atheist leadership has been common knowledge for a long time.


    In the replies to comments in that last Dillahunty FaceBook link there’s Dillahunty himself saying:

    Matt Dillahunty You know nothing about what I care about or what’s going on behind the scenes or what actions I have or have not taken or what legal (or other) issues I’m dealing with… yet you have reached a conclusion despite not having that information. … …

    “What legal (or other) issues [he’s] dealing with”? So far as I can see Dillahunty’s is the first mention of legal issues. It seems odd that he should bring up legal issues — not obviously a natural first thought — unless there are legal issues he’s dealing with.

    Is he taking or contemplating legal action against the Buzzfeed reporter, is he involved in someone else’s legal action against a third party, is he being threatened with legal action if or unless he takes specified steps, or is he the recipient of active legal action?

    Well, I’ve no information on which to reach a conclusion. Interesting, though.

  3. unclesporkums says:

    “Sky Wizard”
    “Sky Hitler”
    “Spagetti Monster”
    Nothing but class from these determinists.

  4. nsr says:

    I wonder at what point (if ever) these people will realise that the actual reason for these recurring scandals is that most of the time human nature seeks self-pleasure at the expense of any other person or concern, and atheism is completely powerless to do anything about that.

    I’ve often thought that New Atheism is like a regression to adolescence, throwing off parental restraint and values, insisting that the adolescent knows best and can spend five minutes fixing all the problems that adults are too greedy and stupid to be able to handle, then throwing a tantrum when it all falls to pieces. We’ve all been there as teenagers, right? Thing is, we’re supposed to grow out of that if we want to function as adults.

  5. unclesporkums says:

    I was thinking that same, nsr. I often refer to them suffering from “Bratty teenager disorder”.
    “I hate you, Dad! You never let me do ANYTHING I want!”

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