Not Everyone is Happy with Jerry Coyne’s Position

When Jerry Coyne posted his position about Lawrence Krauss, he took the highly unusual step of turning off the comments for that post.  I can’t think of a single other example when he has done that.  Of course, it’s obvious why he did it.  As we all know by now, Coyne has no tolerance for dissent on his blog.  And he must have known he would be betraying many readers who are part of his core audience.

And that seems to be the case.  Coyne has things set up so that every time he posts a blog, his twitter account tweets it.  I don’t think he tends to his twitter account and rarely does anyone comments on his auto-tweets.  But this one was different.  It generated over 50 responses and many atheists were obviously angry with Coyne.  Here are as sample of some of their comments:

Hates media by trial but happy to contribute to the prosecution and refuses to allow feedback!!!!!

It would be wrong of me, or indeed anyone, to change their position on the basis of this post. You’ve presented your conclusion, but omitted the evidence.

I find it questionable that you’ve found convincing incriminating evidence against Lawrence Krauss but yet will not state what that evidence is. You also stated that you don’t believe in trial by social media…but that’s exactly what you’ve participated in doing.

so basically this article says “i think there is truth behind these allegations, because of secret stories i know and am not sharing” ok… good for you?

Aren’t we a community that deals in fact? Give me the facts. Otherwise we might look silly taking things on ‘faith’.

“As I said, I don’t want trial by social media, and it would be hypocritical of me to allow that here.” A little ironic in that you use social media to tell everyone about it, at someone else’s expense no less. Why not privately distance yourself?

“I know someone who confirmed this for me anonymously” has to be the most unhelpful contribution to this kind of issue I can imagine. What should everyone else make of that?

So, you “don’t like trial by social media” but you’ll do it if and when you believe the allegations?

So what our virtue signaling @Evolutionistrue is saying is he found more he/she said claims, and unsubstantiated claims by unnamed and uncontactable people.

“Screw evidence and trials. He’s guilty coz muh wymyns!!”

Switched the comments off lol, what, don’t you want to hear hundreds of stories about women that act in worse ways than @LKrauss1 has been anonymously accused of.

Three verbal accusations. How, pray tell, do you believe you know that the women who “reached out” to you were not sources for Buzzfeed? Because you stared into their soul and an angel told you that God wouldn’t allow them to lie?

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5 Responses to Not Everyone is Happy with Jerry Coyne’s Position

  1. TFBW says:

    It could be worse. He could have realised that Krauss was guilty after listening to Sgt Pepper’s or something.

  2. stcordova says:

    “Coyne has no tolerance for dissent on his blog. ”

    No sh-t! A PhD in evolutionary biology from his university, John Harshman, who knew Coyne personally at University of Chicago, disagreed with Coyne’s definitions of species. That got Harshman tossed. Seriously, imho, it’s not like the topic is a big enough deal to toss someone. Yet Coyne complains not enough attention is given to his science posts.

  3. Ilíon says:

    That was funny, TFBW.

  4. nsr says:

    When the pressure’s on and there’s significant self-interest at stake, atheism provides no motivation to stick to one’s avowed principles.

  5. The combined arrogance of Krauss, Dawkins and Coyne is astronomical. I still can’t understand why Dawkins has said nothing. If he opens mouth to defend Krauss, he opens himself up to anything in his past. If he stays silent, he is impotent. It must be eating away at him though. Krauss blaming imbroglio on people out to get atheism is pretty rich, though. Few things embody the hopelessness and decadence of a materialistic worldview as BuzzFeed. Both BuzzFeed and the atheist/skeptic community have been catechising the world on the pointlessness pitiless universe. Now it’s time to settle scores within their ranks.

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