Buyer’s Remorse

A remarkable tweet when you consider the source.

Western civilization has long existed as a symbiotic relationship between Christianity and Secularism. The New Atheists thought that if they could only kill off the Christianity, a golden age of science and reason would flourish. Looks like even Dawkins is no longer so sure about this, as what is replacing Christianity in Europe is a symbiotic relationship between post-modernism and Islam.


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4 Responses to Buyer’s Remorse

  1. Mark Plus says:

    Saying that Christianity is useful is not at all equivalent to saying that it is true in some spooky metaphysical sense. Philosophers going back to Plato have long held that the woo-woo religions help to keep the mob in line, even though the philosophers can see through the deception. In our time they can still recommend Christianity to the weak-minded with a cynical wink and nod.

  2. TFBW says:

    @Mark Plus: Dawkins was singing a distinctly different tune ten years ago. There was no recommendation offered to Christianity in The God Delusion. On the contrary, Dawkins was keen to heap contempt upon it, describing the God of the Old Testament as, “the most unpleasant character in all fiction.” Now, apparently, it’s all “relatively benign.” Dawkins is an idiot who has done as much as he possibly can to eviscerate Christian influence, and now sees that it was a bulwark against something far worse. Christians — even the fundamentalists — tolerate atheists, as a rule. Islamists have a different attitude.

  3. Kevin says:

    Mark: “In our time they can still recommend Christianity to the weak-minded with a cynical wink and nod.”

    So you are opposed to recommending the truth to people you deem “weak-minded”? Or is it that the alleged “strong-minded” don’t need the truth? The former would mean you’re an awful person, while the latter would indicate you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  4. stcordova says:

    I didn’t realize Europe was in such sorry shape to be run over by Sharia law. Oh well, that will end feminism, transgenderism, open homosexuality, AND most all ATHEISM! Poetic justice. Back to the real dark ages like Afganistan.

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