Atheist Activist Scorecard


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5 Responses to Atheist Activist Scorecard

  1. unclesporkums says:


  2. TFBW says:

    Prepare a slot for every high-profile male atheist who claims to be a feminist and hasn’t been brought down by allegations of sexual misconduct already.

  3. Mark Plus says:

    What about the unnamed atheist who tried to pick up Rebecca Watson in a hotel elevator during an atheist conference?

  4. Dhay says:

    I his “Have you ever wondered why the #MeToo movement hasn’t caught up with Michael Shermer?” blog post PZ Myers explains how the superpower of ‘Mr Skeptic’ is achieved — aggressive legal intimidation:

  5. Dhay says:

    PZ Myers opines that Michael Shermer’s time on the pundit circuit is now limited:

    1. His chosen domain is the skeptic movement, which you may have noticed has a sexual assault and harassment problem. Major figures in that movement have a history of turning a blind eye to harassment problems. …

    I just want you all to know that the power of #1 is fading, as more of these enablers in the movement find themselves out of power.

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