Queer Theory Pedophilia Jeopardy

Derrick Jensen is a radical environmentalist who recently gave a talk at a public library in Eugene, Oregon.  In the excerpts below, Jensen points out some of the leaders of Queer Theory were supporters of pedophilia.  It’s interesting to note that his detractors can do nothing but shout “transphobe” and “homophobe” at him:

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2 Responses to Queer Theory Pedophilia Jeopardy

  1. unclesporkums says:

    Just like their protests are them chanting the same slogans over and over.

  2. TFBW says:

    Sharp response to the “homophobe” accusation — “who’s making that connection?” Also a good observation that queer theory is essentially founded on transgression. It can never be satisfied, because it must always demand that what is taboo be allowed. The best way to deal with a queer activist who makes demands is not budge the tiniest fraction of an inch. That way, they can harp ad infinitum about the same taboos rather than needing to find new ones. If you’re going to compromise with anyone, it must be someone with an actual end-game in mind, rather than an insatiable appetite for change.

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