Be careful what you say

From this news article:

Jacinta Brooks, 41, asked a 12-year-old girl to send indecent pictures of herself – the third time she is known to have targeted children.


Prosecutor Berenice Mulvanny said that police found screenshots of the conversation with the girl along with hundreds of child abuse pictures. Brooks gave no comment during a police interview but admitted she ‘couldn’t argue’ about being attracted to children. Miss Mulvanny said: ‘Brooks knew the girl was underage but sent her sexual messages. The defendant originally pretended to be a 14-year-old boy but soon admitted her real age.’

Oh, there is one more detail:

Brooks, who identifies as a woman and was previously known as Duncan Smart, has previously faced the courts for having sex with someone who is underage and child abuse.

Here’s a pic of Jacinta:


Keep in mind that if you refer to this guy as a guy, you’ll be accused of hateful, transphobic, bigotry.  He is obviously a woman.  How do we know?  Because he she says so.

Oh, and don’t forget that 2+2 = 5.



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8 Responses to Be careful what you say

  1. Travis says:

    It’s hard to imagine anything more bizarrely Orwellian than the idea that a woman (that is, a real woman) should be expected, under penalty of utter social ostracization and destruction, to see a filthy creep like this man in the restroom with her, and act as though nothing at all is amiss. The media’s insistent use of “preferred pronouns” in all these cases is also absurd.

    The lunatics truly run the asylum with this LGBTQ+ nonsense infecting so many people’s minds so they all toe the party line and carefully tailor their words to reflect the current edition of Newspeak.

  2. nsr says:

    What will it take to make people realise that the SJWs don’t actually care about the lives of others but only about increasing their own power or getting revenge for offences, whether real or imagined, perpetrated against them?

  3. ThirdCoast (@ThirdCoast_) says:

    I work at a public high school and staff must call transgenders whatever name they want, so Tim must be called Ann if (she) he wants to and their pronouns are “they” or whatever. Federal law requires us to. If we don’t comply then it’s considered a violation of the LGBT+ “rights” as a student. Organizations like the ACLU will get involved.

  4. TFBW says:

    @ThirdCoast: “Federal law requires us to.”

    What law is that?

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m assuming it stems from the Obama administration’s interpretation of Title IX and how it applies to “transgender” students.

    My local school advised the teachers to ignore those guidelines.

  6. nsr says:

    Some people seem to think (or at least pretend) that the words we use can actually change or create reality, instead of simply being language constructs that reflect a reality external to our own minds.

  7. SteveK says:

    Does Federal Law require you to not use air quotes when saying their chosen pronoun?
    “So, ‘Ann’, how are you doing today?”

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